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  1. This is interesting to me because I got a hep b shot as a requirement for college... That same year at the age of 18 I develped severe joint issues with my fingers on both hands. This was pre the internet and we honestly never made the connection that it could be the hep b shot. instead we were trying to come up with things like stress related, lyme, weather related (it was cold where I went to school but it was cold where I lived before so it didn't make much sense.. and it happens now at any season but more in the winter) My parents took me to a rheumatologist who at the time just said
  2. This might be a really dumb question. I recently read about something I had never heard of, oil pulling. Has anybody here tried it? Does anybody have any good credible information on it? I was reading about it pulling the toxins out, wondering if it would help possibly with strep as well. I also read about side effects from it as the body detoxed and was curious about that as well.
  3. Thank you!! Now that you told me and I looked, of course it seems so obvious.
  4. I looked at the help section and it said there was a search box. I am sure it's really obvious and I'm just missing it but can someone tell me how to search for a topic on here?. Thanks!
  5. Not suggesting your ds Needs his tonsils out but regarding small tonsils....two of my kids had their tonsils out and with both the ENT said their tonsils looked ok and were small... Then he took them out and said it was good that I did want them out because they were infected messes. He said sometimes the infected ones are squished and look small.
  6. Small bumps on their faces? What is that significant of? My ds has always had them... Ped just said it was nothing.
  7. Thanks.. Yes, Dr. T is very close to here but not what I need. I took my son to him several years ago. I really just need a local dr for the little things..and figured it was worth a shot when you mentioned Monsey My son is mild but sometimes little things come up that really a pediatrician could address if I could find one who would be comfortable doing so.
  8. Thanks.. I'm not far from Monsey so I was hoping you meant there was a doctor in Monsey.
  9. T. Anna, what do you mean a service in Monsey? Do you mean you heard good things about a dr. in Monsey regarding pandas or that you heard good things about Dr. Shulman in Brooklyn from a service in Monsey?
  10. Arial, goodness. That sounds pretty awful... a bit like the "Whose on first" routine. I am really afraid to go to an ID doctor and have them ask me what exactly I am there for because the titers don't mean anything. When my pandas believing (but not treating) pediatrician told me that my son's titers results were not at all concerning and that if I took those results to an ID doctor they would agree I had Dr. T on the other end saying the results were significant. That's where it's so hard... as you all know... when the pieces don't match up with each doctor. Of course at least with my
  11. The rheumatologist mentioned reactive arthritis but he said that there is no evidence of inflammation in the bloodwork and that he doesn't visually see any right now so he wouldnt treat it. Told me I was welcome to go for a second opinion but he thinks another rheumatologist will tell me the same thing... he suggested if I was concerned about the strep titers which he says could be elevated just by my being exposed to strep that I should see an infectious disease doctor. I can't imagine seeing a doctor without discussing the fact that I have a son who does not get typical strep symptoms, who
  12. Finally got my bloodtest results on myself. ASO was 207 (normal being less than 200) and the DNase-B was 233 (normal being less than 120). The rheumatologist doesn't think this is connected to my joint issues (I think he's wrong) and since no inflammation showed in the bloodwork or is currently visable to him he said he wouldn't treat it as being caused by strep. He told me he thinks a second opinion from another rheumatologist will be the same but of course I am welcome to get one... He is mailing me the labwork I had done. He suggested instead that if I want another opinion r
  13. Did it go down, did he realize in hindsight he had symptoms? Im worrying prematurely but I had written a previous post regarding joint issues in myself a few weeks ago.. now I saw a new rheumatologist and he ordered some bloodwork..standard stuff when testing for different types of arthritis and what not that I had done yesterday including strep titers... He doesn't do pediatric and wasn't well versed in pandas, had at least heard of it and he didn't call me crazy and told me strep is definitely not something to play around with.. I am very anxious about what the results will be. Im
  14. Just curious if you had high strep titers if your dr. treated it and also if you had symptoms that caused you to check or if you were just curious due to your child's issues.
  15. I saw the rheumatologist today. Unfortunately today my fingers weren't really bothering me so he couldn't see how bad they get BUT he was open to talking to me about things. He agreed with me that it doesn't sound like osteoarthritis which the last dr diagnosed me with. I explained to him about my ds and pandas and he did at least know what it was. He doesn't do pediatric so I imagine he wouldn't come across it. I told him I had to question if my issues could be related. Ad he said, "I'm guessing you know all about strep titers" and he put that first on my bloodwork script.
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