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  1. Hi, has anyone tried the patches? Would love to hear anyone's experienc es with them. Thanks
  2. Hi, I have not been on here for a long time. My son has been doing pretty good with an gfcf , no eggs., no artificial diet and supplements. He still had minor motor tics, but not really an issues. My son has had a coughing tic now for a few weeks. I was hoping it would go away but it's not. Just wondering what others have tried to help the coughing tic-supplements? Should I try l-carntine? If so how much? My son is doing the coughing tic, every two mins. I don't know how he can go back to school like this. I am very stressed. My son has never had this before. Please Any suggestions?
  3. Dut, I posted my sons Genetic Genie results on my other post..still waiting on my sons relative finder to come in. There are some raw data my son has, that pertain to me. Need to look further into though..
  4. Hi all, I finally got my sons results back for 23and me. I'm pretty sure my son has PANS more than PANDAS. On his genetics he was at high risk for auto-immune diseases. PANS-PANDAS is considered a auto-immune disease. My sons genetics showed no genes for Tourettes and yes they test for that..His genes were more in auto-immune. Which I always thought because my oldest daughter has type 1 diabetes and more auto-immune runs on my side of the family. My sons genes also showed add, adhd genes high for him..I already knew that! I put his raw data in Genetic Genie. It will show mutations in genes, l
  5. Thanks, I am going to try to get a consult with Dr.T right away. I just hope I can get one. I just hope there is a doctor here in Canada willing to work with Dr.T.. I am so depressed right now. My oldest daughter has type 1 Diabetes and has had it for 15 years. It has been hard but going through this with my son is so much harder for me. I guess I just have to have hope and faith that things will get better. But having to deal with this and having two other children that still need my attention is hard:(
  6. Hi All, I really need some suggestions right now. My son had strep throat confirmed by positive swab. The doctor gave him 10 days antibiotic. I asked for more but he wouldn't give it. I told him I know my son has been doing well on natural supplements but I just don't think thats enough antibiotics.My son did the Cunningham test 2 years ago. He was having mild Pandas sypmtoms at the time. He was 137 putting him in Pandas range. Anyways now 2 weeks later. He has a cold I think, now he is not doing well at all. He is snorting every 5 mins and has started a new vocal throat noise. Loud!!! He ha
  7. Hi all, I have not been on here for sometime. My son who is 11 has been doing pretty well until now. I hope you remember me. My son has had Pandas for sometime now. I have been trying to control his symptoms with natural supplements. I did do antibiotics for a month and a half. I could only get that much from my sons doctor here in Canada.He seemed 75% better after that. It was a few years ago. Then I have been doing natural supplements until now. My son has strep and a positive throat swab confirmed it. He has a new neck tic with it. His poor neck is so sore. He says he is so lightheaded agai
  8. Hi everyone, I have not been on the boards for awhile. But I have been thinking about you all. I have not been on here for awhile because my son was doing okay and I decided for my own sake to enjoy it. My son still ticced during that time but it was not constant. So I was doing pretty good with it and started to enjoy life again. Even though my son ticced it was not a big stress for him or me. I felt happy to have this time and enjoy my family again. Don't get me wrong I knew this probably would not last. Well last night my son started a new vocal tic. A sucking in with his mouth and it's pre
  9. Trg girl, if you go to Amy yasko's discussion group, Dr. Yasko explains why. When you go to the discussion group go to search and type in strep and Aluminum and you'll find it. Members on there discuss it too. Char..
  10. Hi,I have read on the Amy yasko forum. That high aluminum can be because of strep somewhere in the body. Maybe such as in the gut. Have you looked into Pandas before? It might be worth looking into if you have high aluminum in your body. Just a thought. Have you ever had a Igg food intolerance test done or used TS-plus? Char..
  11. Hi, have you tried ts-plus for your son. If not it's vitamins by Bonnie grimald. The ts-plus has helped alot of children with tics. You can check it out at Bon-tech. Also there is alot of helpful threads on here. So you can go back and look through them, alot of valuable information. Char..
  12. Hi al,My sons doctor wants to try treating my son with azit and minocycline for his high myocplasma.He's my sons general doctor. I live in canada so not much help here. I'll take what i can get. He does not have much experience treating this but willing to try. I thought maybe you moms treating for lyme and Pandas could answer some questions for me.My son is in the Pandas range on Cunningham test. But I think he is Pitands.My son has tics, Very bad brain fog and some other symptoms. Will the 2 antibiotic clear the mycoplasma? Will the minocycline make the tics worse? I would like to get the In
  13. Thanks for the responses! Has anyone here tried doxycycline? My son is 9. I would also like to know if anyone has used it, thanks, Char
  14. Hi All, Has anyone used minocycline for their Pandas child? The antibiotic has an anti-inflammatory in it? It supposed to cross the blood brain barrier and decrease the inflammation. Some child with autism and Fragile x syndrome have used it to, decrease inflammation in the brain. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Thanks Char...
  15. Lenny, Thanks for posting what has helped your son. I am glad to hear your good news!! How long on the gluten/wheat free diet, did you notice it help your sons tics? I know first hand how searching for answers has taken all my time up.I have also had many tearful days also. I am still searching for that one right thing for my son. So your post really gives me HOPE, for a better days. Thanks again:) Char..
  16. any suggestions on right types of probiotics? My dd drinks good belly juice. HLC mindlix is a good probiotic. It survives the stomach acid and is absorbed better.It also helps heal the gut.Char...
  17. Fixit, Hi this is Char, how is your son doing? how are the tics? Did your son get worse on the pred.before he got better? Could you please explain? What was your sons pred. doses? When did you see results at their best? Hope you and your son is doing well!! Char...
  18. Just bumping up to see if anyone has any comments for me or has used Immunfactor 9 or any Immunfactors before? Thanks in advance..
  19. Hi Everyone, It's been awhile since I've posted. I needed to take a break for my families sake and my own. A few months ago, I had a Comprehensive DNA stool analysis done on my son through Amy yasko. It shows he has strep and HIGH MYCOPlasma in his gut. I couldn't believe it. I know that my sons Cam kinase showed him in the Pandas range but I wanted to know if he had strep hiding somewhere else in his body. The stool test is very accurate. I have been reading alot on the Amy yasko discussion group and the members say the test is very accurate. Alot of the members have had strep and mycoplasma
  20. Hi Lori, I am from Canada as well. I don't have alot of time to post my thoughts but, I do have to say there is not alot of help for Pandas in Canada, that I am aware of. But I am still looking. Please PM me with any questions and we'll chat. I wish there was more help in Canada!!!!! Hope to chat with you soon, Char...
  21. Caryn, Hi, very interesting about Doug Kaufmann and the flawed IGG testing. You said your son reacted to the fungal foods on the IGG testing. My son reacted to Milk and really high with eggs. Could you tell me possibly what mycotoxins those foods are? Could you please explain a little more about this? Thanks again for your helpful advise, Char..
  22. Hi All, Just wondering if anyone has had the Yasko Genetic testing done? If so, was it helpful and did you follow the supplements after? If you had the test done, could you please post your experiences, like did it help tics, Pandas etc. Thanks Char...
  23. Hi All, I hope everyone had a good Christmas. I have not posted lately because I have had family staying at my house for Christmas. I know from testing that my son is in the range for Pandas. He has taken Azith for 6 weeks and no change. So I started him on PleoSan not and Pleosan Remedy for strep. I found his immune system is stronger since on them and his arm stretching tic is better. I have been talking to a member on this forum momfo4boys. She has had great luck with her son seeing a Chiropractor Neurology. Her sons tics are better and she is happy. I tried to find a Chiropractor Ner.
  24. What do you eat in a typical day? Do you find that eating no sugar makes you very thin? Could you give us some food examples of what you eat? Thanks...
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