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  1. No, I didn't. That's weird. I have space in my inbox, too. I'll PM you my gmail account and you can just cut and paste it to there. Thanks, B Hi Bonnie I noticed this thread, and wanted to tell you..... I had sent you a response to a PM you had sent me, not that long ago, did you get it? Because after I sent it, it "disappeared" and I couldn't even find it in my outmail Lynsey
  2. Thanks Cheri, I appreciate your feedback. I've done years of CBT for my anxiety, and helped my sons by teaching them some CBT techniques for their anxiety, but I didn't realize that the "tic substitution" was a CBT technique. That's great to know, as I am a die-hard fan of CBT...it saved my life, and I was determined to have my sons learn it much earlier than me. It's great that you exposed your son to CBT when he was young, I think it is the most useful non-medicinal tool out there. However, I found my sons did not like formal CBT training much at all (no real reason, the psycholo
  3. OK, this is probably gonna sound way out there for some of you, but have you ever tried what I call "tic substitution" or "tic modification"? These are terms that I came up with for how I helped my sons deal with some of their more noticeable tics. For example, if they would exclaim: Jesus! I would suggest that they say something very close but not exactly, like: "Jeez!!!" which sounds a lot better if they are exclaiming these words in public. Or a physical tic such as hair twisting, you can possibly modify by having them twist a string in their hands instead. Now, I can't say
  4. Husband - tics started around 7-8 years old Age now: 49 Increase or decrease: changed throughout the years. Severe motor and vocal tics when young, peaking in late elementary school, subsiding slightly in high school. Went away in early adulthood when adhered to a rigid diet of no processed foods, no artificial colors or flavors. Tics returned when he went off the diet. Now they are still there, not really decreasing, fairly significant head bob, eye blinking and sniffing tics, but can control them in public and at work (usually). Note: I believe the severity of his childhood
  5. You all seem like you are doing the right things, and so you may be on the right track, and as you say, it just takes time. What is a solution for one child, is not necessarily the solution for another. It sounds to me like you are giving him many social experiences which he needs to mature and grow, and definitely time and maturity will help a lot of the anxiety issues. If I've learned anything about raising an anxious child, it is that improvement is sometimes agonizingly slow... but steady. It happens over months and years, but it happens. You have to weigh the pros and co
  6. Bonnie Do you mind me asking why he is home-schooled? (Do you feel it is better to home-school him) Please know, I'm not casting any judgements here. My youngest son sounded very much like yours in the anxiety department, and I seriously (and I mean seriously) considered home-schooling him. In fact, his anxiety was so severe, (we're talking about a child who would cry at other kids BIRTHDAY PARTIES - I mean, anxiety-PLUS. He would never go anywhere without me, and my husband and I couldn't go anywhere without him). You can imagine how anxiety-ridden he was at school. He cried e
  7. Actually, when you think of what a fetus/baby is bombarded with these days, from inception and then time of birth, it's amazing they don't have more health problems.... I too wrestled with the "why?" issue - can't tell you how many times I cried about this to my mother. She kept saying to me, you are doing a fantastic job, they are two fantastic boys..... I always felt better when she said that.....now they are young adults and I wish I hadn't stressed like I did, but you can't help it
  8. Why don't you try the probiotic yogurts for the kids. There's so many - Activia, Yoptimal, Pro-Avantage (by President's Choice).... I figure it's a double benefit, the yogurt's good for them, and so is the probiotic that's in it My kids eat them like crazy I make sure they have no artificial flavors or colors.
  9. Myrose I'm just wondering, can you tell me why your insurance cancelled your daughter? I'm from Canada so I don't know how the health insurance in the US works. Why would they cancel your daughter? Because she has a disorder? I am really appalled.... Lynsey
  10. Cheri Sounds very reminiscent of my sons encounters - they in particular can't stand to see someone else treated cruelly or unjustly, not just themselves, including when they felt teachers were too harsh on particular students. I would hear about it every day. Even as young adults, they won't argue with friends and are very fair-minded individuals. In my husband, I noticed a gentleness, an inability to get "worked up" by anything. I once said to him in exasperation, "don't you worry???!!!!" His response: "I'll worry when there's something to worry about". That's the wa
  11. You mentioned about their abilities: academic, creative, etc. You must also notice something very special about their character, and personality? A uniqueness, a sensitivity that you do not see in other children. I swear, living with Tourette's makes you a better person. Some might disagree with me, I'm not saying you have to have Tourette's to be a better person, but I see it in my husband, and I see it in my children. When my son was in Grade 4, he was filled with anxiety and would walk around the playground at recess with the "not-cool" group, but he didn't care, he was j
  12. Along the same lines, here was another interesting thing I read: http://tourettesyndromenowwhat.yuku.com/fo...ewtopic/id/1632
  13. I'm sure all of you know special skills or abilities or character traits that your children have, that you are proud of. I've always believed that if God gives us or our children challenges, or crosses to bear, he also gives us very great blessings in other ways if we only look for them. This is a very interesting and uplifting article that talks about the special abilities that are unique to children with Tourette Syndrome....I found it very uplifting http://www.sciencentral.com/articles/view....le_id=218392999 Lynsey
  14. Lyn I checked the internet a little more, here is something else interesting to read about the link (or lack of) between TS and seizures....it's just food for thought..... http://www.medhelp.org/forums/neuro/archive/4918.html lynsey
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