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    amy s got a reaction from JuliaFaith in Guilt about child missing school   
    Absolutely not. No guilt whatsoever. But then my child eventually HAD to be pulled out for home school and the poor thing was so ill and with very little understanding in the schools..... NOPE..... No feeling of guilt in the slightest. The only people who should feel guilty are those who judged us during her illness.
    In the scheme of things- Kindergarten is NOTHING. For that matter, missing any grade -- the education will come --- but only if the health is there first.
    I did feel sad for my child, as far as missing school---> missing the interaction with friends and such. BUT, she truly wasn't getting that either, as sick as she was.
    You have different circumstances and have to make your own decisions based on those. Good luck and I hope your child has the same good results from IVIg that my dd had. (My dd had Hd IVIg Nov 2008)
    Keep us posted.
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