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  1. I started taking 5htp today and was wondering how long it takes for it to really start working?
  2. Now that everyone is talking about God I have a question. Do or have any of you who attend christian churches have prayer groups or the pastor himself pray for your situation. God can heal anyone at any time, so it has always has been very interesting to me. I personally had one shoulder that was longer then the other and a preacher at my old church prayed for me right there and my mom and brother said that my arm evened out. I have never had anyone pray for my social anxiety, tics/ocd condition though, so I was just wondering if anyone has or not. It is a big gamble to have it be prayed for and not get better because then everyone would know and id feel really weird, and feel as if everyone expected me to get better, and were always watching for it and stuff. I think about this a lot. I pray for my situation and others every night but things dont just poof improve, and I know that they can through Jesus Christ. Jesus created everyone and everything and can surely alter anything, God performed so many known miracles in the old testament but now the miracles God performs arent so public. I know of people being healed of heart problems, cancer and such but I havent ever heard about disorders having to do with your brain and Tics and stuff. Id love to hear your comments. thanks Shawn
  3. I do the same thing about worrying about looking ppl in the eyes, because I make a nervous looking face. I have the hardest time looking ppl in the eyes, and I get depressed really bad about this also. I have social anxiety and i probably wouldnt if I could control my nervous faces. I went to a big church function today with lots of ppl at Oregon State University. I nervously looked at a lot of ppl and avoided a lot of others all together. I keep my faith in God that eventually he will see me through, but believe me I understand negative thoughts can destroy you and are a major work in process to overcome. hang in there, I get 5htp tomorrow which is exposed to help, although i have never tried it before.
  4. i stopped cafeine and coffee long ago. I have never tried 5htp though, i have only considered it many times. Where can i buy that tincture thing? and what else has everyone been having success with?
  5. I have a problem where everytime i get in a social situation my brain tells me i am uncomfortable and i obsess about it and cant convince myself otherwise. Then when im not in the situation like right now typing i obsess about how i can get over it. This is the worst thing in my life and it leads to tics for me. I have took paxil, zoloft and Prozac in the past, but nothing helped with this, just with depression. It is known that ssri's and anti psychotics can make tics and ocd problems better, but they can make them worse to. If you have just a ocd problem you will probably be ok taking meds, but in some ppl it leads to developing tics. ive never tried luvox or lexapro so if you do tell me what you find out.
  6. I started taking supplements for Pyroluria, since their is a chance that i may have it. I am taking magnesium, zinc, vitamin b6 and l-tyrosine. The new combination hasent really done anything yet though. I have been taking them for about a week. I stopped taking dl-phenylanine after reading that it is bad, but i have been getting a lot more depressed lately. I dont do a lot of fun things in my life because I have a facial tick problem and social anxiety so i basically go to college, do homework, go to church, sometimes hang out with friends, and then sit around mostly on the weekends, lol you would get depressed to. what is a good thing to do to reverse depression? This always seems to happen to me once in awhile. Last time this happened was last year and i took prozac for awhile which helped a lot but i dont want to take a ssri everytime i get depressed. any help is appreciated thanks, Shawn
  7. I changed my refresh rate from 60 to 85. I have cravings for sweets sometimes but only because i dont eat junk food all that often due to trying to figure out what will work with this condition. thank both of you for the posts, you both have good info. that is very likely to be helpful.
  8. I have took omega 3, and flax seed oil in the past along with a multivitamin, but the multivitamin was the only thing helping me slightly. If anyone has had success with a few supplements or detoxes please post them. I cant afford a grocery list, I am currently taking just l-tyrosine and dl-phenylanine. I just read that phenylanine is bad for TS and tics, so i guess ill stop taking that. I have a worse problem with tics around bright lights and when i am really tired, any experiences and suggestions are very helpful thanks Shawn. Through God all things are possible.
  9. I dont have Tourette syndrone so they must be transient. thanks for your info im a poor college student so i only like to try out stuff that has had a lot of success. Ill probably atleast get some magnesium taurine/taurate, b6, lecitin and im considering trying a possible detox because i have heard of a lot of success with that. There is so many though i dont know where to begin there. I know i am probably defecient in some vitamins/ minerals because i have smelly feet. Is there any multivitamins that are known to suppress tics? thanks for your responses Shawn
  10. can someone please let me know supplements that have helped with tics, and has anyone had success with detox? Ive heard detox is a good idea so if anyone has had a positive experience or knows good info. about this stuff please reply. thanks Shawn
  11. thanks any information is very appreciated.
  12. How do we get permission to post to Dr. Robbins?
  13. Hi i am new to this forum. I have a rare unvoluntary tic movement disorder where I make a nervous face, when i get uncomfortable.My trigger is face to face contact. If I lock eyes with someone there is a possibility that this terrible nervous tic will occur. It comes from a fear of being watched. Does anyone know anything about this? Does anyone know anything that could help to reduce this? I appreciate any responses. thanks Shawn
  14. ssri's and antipsychotics increase tics so you need to find an alternative.
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