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  1. Hi Chemar, That is very helpful, thank you very much! Are you guys from USA? We are in Australia, to be honest, non of the doctors I have seen so far are helpful at all. My son is 8, and its very bad this year. Hope he can get over it soon as well. Thank you! Cheers, Liana
  2. Hi Chemar, Thank you very much! You mentioned L-Carnitine, but Cara mentioned NAC - N-acetylcysteine. Are they the same thing or slightly different? I searched online, there are lots of brands for NAC products but non of them mentioned its suitable for kids to use it:( what's the particular product you use? I can go and check with the doctor then. Thanks Cheers, Liana
  3. Hi, my son has really bad high pitched yelling and very frequent recently. In fact for the whole year 2019, his tourettes has been really bad. Taken him to see a few different doctors, no one can really help. I read about the the leaky gut theory and found he has intolerance to dairy, we cut all diary seems work for a few weeks then all come back again. Is this NAC you mentioned here really helped your son? Which product did you use?
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