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  1. I forgot to tell you that you shouldn't overlook foods high in magnesium of which there are many as a possible aid..I cannot tell you how many things that I have an averse reaction to as a supplement that I react better to in food...Everyone is different but I think many things are better taken in food.
  2. Have you had your daughters vitamin D levels checked? Does she get spring fever and more depressed in the winter? Trying to get sun as well as they have natural light sun desk lamps..I lean more towards getting actual sun than taking a lot of supplement but D3 taken with a meal that has fat in it is the way to take a supplement..I take just the 125% rda pills and try to get the rest by getting in the sun more and a lamp..there are foods with it too...Exercise helps depression too and intensive exercise is great but I believe just a steady exercise flow every week doesn't ha
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