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  1. No they haven't done zinc levels, can they do that with a blood test? The pyroluria sounds interseting, I'm not sure if she meets all those criteria tho. Thanks for your info.
  2. Thanks for those thoughts. Our daughter is 11. She has also had a big growth spurt in the last month or so, don't know if this is related. When she was admitted to hospital (before any antibiotics were given), she had problems with the light. The EEG flashed light in her eyes, and every time the light flashed, she blinked and rolled her eyes, even when the flashes were really close together.
  3. We didn't use probiotics, apart from yoghurt in her diet, didn't know if it would interfere with the antibiotics. We were going to put her on probiotics when she finished the antibiotics. Her diet is generally pretty good, doesn't eat a lot of junk food. We have been trying to eliminate food colourings, artificial flavour etc(not that she has a lot anyway). Am thinking of putting her on a wheat free diet if that would help. The only thing different that i can work out she had on camp was cordial for morning and afternoon tea, pineapple crush/tropical, usually she just drinks water/apple &a
  4. Hi Can anyone give me any help with my daughter? About 2 months ago she had a sore throat. Then about 5 weeks ago she overnight developed a facial tic. Blinking, eye rolling and (slight) facial grimace. We took her to the doctor and asked for a strep swab, however he thought she could have an allergy (because her eyes were itchy and sore) and gave her eye drops. These hurt her eyes, however we continued for a few days and then stopped using them. The tics continued and became quite close together, about every 10-30 seconds apart. My husband took her to the hospital. They swabbed her t
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