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  1. My 11 yo has a pretty mild case of P.A.N.D.A.S. (thank goodness) but recently I noticed some escalation of OCD behaviors and less impulse control. We put him on a prophylactic dose of amoxicillin which seems to do well for him. The dosage depends on your child's age and weight, of course. We start him on the initial dose of 750mg, then give him 250mg everyday. During cold and flu season we take no chances. We have the school report any Strep illnesses immediately so we can be pro-active. He'll be on antiobiotics for the next 60 days then we'll re-evaluate. I don't know if it's wishful t
  2. Hi Sarah, So glad you found a good clinic. I'm going to give them a call. Thanks for all the good information.
  3. I think I'll give Dr. Mielke a call and have her see my son. Our regular Pediatrician just doesn't get it. Thanks for the info. Lori
  4. Hi Betty, My 11 year old son has PANDAS and we found a wonderful Pediatric Psychiatrist in Walnut Creek which is not far from Pleasanton to help our son. Deborah Sedberry, MD. I live about 40 minutes from you in Brentwood and used to go over to Pleasanton for many doctors. All I can say is make appointments with all the groups in the area and thoroughly "interview" them. A lot will not charge for a consultation. Good luck with your move. Lori
  5. Hi all, This is a subject I am fascinated by in addition to the antiobiotic therapeutic dosing. My 11 year old son is 5 years into his PANDAS diagnosis and we are constantly on the hunt for alternative treatments. He has been on Zoloft as well as an ADHD drug for a few years now and we see a Pediatric Psychiatrist every 6 months. We're seeing her next month and I like going in with all the info I can. My husband & I disagree about the SSRI's (he's for/I'm against) but so far it seems to help his OCD and tics. What supplements are helpful in lieu of an SSRI? We've been giving
  6. Michelle, This is a response to asking what you should do about school for your 6 year old. Make sure you communicate with the school that you require an IEP (Individualized Education Program). Meet with the teacher first thing to educate the teacher about PANDAS and do make sure you place your child with a teacher that is patient. My son got "sick" in 1st grade and his teacher was downright cruel to him. She had no patience and when I tried to have him removed from her class the Principal blocked my effort...BIG MISTAKE. Always listen to your gut. I learned my lesson and advocated f
  7. How wonderful to have this forum to discuss PANDAS. My 11 year old son has the condition. Here are my answers to your informal survey: 1. In retrospect, at what age do you believe that your child's PANDAS/PITAND began? (not necessarily the same time it was diagnosed) AT 3 YEARS OLD 2. At what age did your child begin to speak? AROUND 2 YEARS OLD (BUT HE ALSO HAS A HEARING DEFICIT IN 1 EAR) 3. At what age did your child begin to draw recognizable objects (e.g. faces, vehicles)? 4. Has your child had food allergies? To what? NONE DIAGNOSED 5. Does your child have changes
  8. My 11 year old son was diagnosed with PANDAS at the age of 5 and used to suck on his shirt. He does this occasionally now. It's a self-comforting habit that happens when he's stressed. I wanted to replace this habit for something else that wouldn't be so obvious and I bought a package of guitar picks so he could hold something and keep it in his pocket if he was anxious. He could then have something to hold or rub. Since your grandson is so young another substitute should be found that is larger, maybe a stress ball. Chewing gum does help with this "oral fixation", again for older kids.
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