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  1. So far, we've taken her off of wheat products. Her bloodwork shows that she's intolerant to wheat. We've also tried to remove dyes from the foods we eat. I haven't used any meds to date as our MD's in our town aren't very sure about what our best steps are. Some of the Doc's we've seen don't believe that PANDAS is a "real" issue...I'm very frustrated and would love information about what has worked for others! We did see a naturalist for a while, back in '05, but didn't find much help there.
  2. Hi, I'm new to this. My daughter was diagnosed with PANDAS in 2005. She usually starts having tics a couple of days prior to cold symptoms. Often, the sniffling, coughing and throat clearing will turn into tics by the end of the cold. Last season the tics lasted through April. She's been tic free since then, only to get them again now that she's caught this cold. For a couple of months there, I thought we were done with tics...
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