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  1. msmom, Thank you for sharing your story about your adult children. Their stories are quite familiar to me. PANDAS/PANS has to be one of the etiological factors for CFS and some of the other comorbidities that tend to go with PANDAS/PANS. And I have to note that having such a varied presentation makes it very difficult to explain all of this to physicians. And yes the physical and neurological issues can be really debilitating and seem to overtake the neuropsychiatric issues. Sending you and your family warm, positive energy....
  2. I am new to this forum, so hello to everyone. I am a woman in my early forties with PANS/PANDAS and CFS. I am wondering if anyone has both or suspects that they have both. It is my understanding that PANS/PANDAS can frequently turn into CFS in adulthood. I am wondering what your experiences are with all of this. I probably had a somewhat debilitating case of PANS/PANDAS during childhood but just never knew it. The signs were there. In my thirties the PANS became very severe. Over the past decade or so the PANS started turning into CFS. I still have the PANS but the passage of time and tr
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