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  1. Sorry about the ramble, I was using voice text and pressed send before I edit it
  2. I really appreciate all of your comments especially about the supplements. I have heard that a lot of this Tourette’s and OCD is interrelated. I actually think diet is a huge contributor as well. Unfortunately, my daughter is so difficult and oppositional but she absolutely refuses to do or try anything I ask her to do. I can sometimes get her to take the Calm magnesium gummy‘s and once in a while DHA. I seriously doubt I’ll be able to get her to take the L carnitine but you never know. I have to make everything conditional and play these games and it’s very exhausting. She has been diagnosed
  3. I really appreciate the advice. My daughter is 13 and she has had the screaming tic for almost a year Miraculously or strangely, she does not do it in school and in public she modifies it so that it is very quiet. It is driving me crazy and part of me thinks that it is more of a compulsion. We live in California
  4. Hi Chemar, totally appreciate it. Was the doctor a Tourette’s specialist? How old is your son and how is he now? Best, Michele
  5. Hello, I am just seeing these posts now though they are 5 years old ! Cara I am going through the same thing with my daughter. How have things been ?
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