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  1. Sorry about the ramble, I was using voice text and pressed send before I edit it
  2. I really appreciate all of your comments especially about the supplements. I have heard that a lot of this Tourette’s and OCD is interrelated. I actually think diet is a huge contributor as well. Unfortunately, my daughter is so difficult and oppositional but she absolutely refuses to do or try anything I ask her to do. I can sometimes get her to take the Calm magnesium gummy‘s and once in a while DHA. I seriously doubt I’ll be able to get her to take the L carnitine but you never know. I have to make everything conditional and play these games and it’s very exhausting. She has been diagnosed with oppositional defiant disorder and yet she comes from a very stable loving family with two Parents. This does not run in our family however I do have OCD and had an eating disorder when I was younger. I still tend to be rather compulsive but I have directed it towards good things like exercise. We have a son as well and I often think he is much more mature than my daughter.Thank God he plays overwatch wearing headphones. A couple of times I told my daughter that his friends could hear her and their parents want to send somebody over to see if everything’s OK. That usually stops a tics for a little bit as well Oh, by the way we tried Abilify for a year and she gained about 20 pounds in two months. Not worth it. She does have severe anxiety and is on Prozac. Her anxiety was so bad when she was little that we didn’t even know it was anxiety we thought it was anger issues. Fight or flight? She was all fight. . She did have the RAGE that was so common with Tourette’s. We had no support medically and I had to figure all the stuff out by myself with my own research. She is under the care of a psychiatrist who is not a trance specialist, however she is following protocol from my research . Even though we’re still dealing with a screaming tic things are a lot better , and I am pretty sure that she’s going to be just fine when she gets a little older. However, no one would believe what we have been through unless they experienced it and I’m sure you all understand. My daughter actually gets mad at us from we plug our ears yet apologizes to her friends when she occasionally lets out a little peep. It is very frustrating. I keep thinking I should get her to try to control it at home yet I am not sure how to make it sound like it’s not a punishment. Or that we don’t like her. She refuses to go to another therapist which is also very frustrating. Hi do you know of a therapist near us that specializes in Tourette’s and would like her to eventually go see her however she refuses to talk to her. And her defense, before we knew what was going on she did see a therapist he was just awful so I don’t think she will ever trust one that we refer her toThe best thing for her sometimes is my husband holding her and hugging her. At night before bed it completely eliminates her tics helps her sleep. I believe it is a lot of anxiety and stress to that causes this behavior. I hope that my story helps some of you out there
  3. I really appreciate the advice. My daughter is 13 and she has had the screaming tic for almost a year Miraculously or strangely, she does not do it in school and in public she modifies it so that it is very quiet. It is driving me crazy and part of me thinks that it is more of a compulsion. We live in California
  4. Hi Chemar, totally appreciate it. Was the doctor a Tourette’s specialist? How old is your son and how is he now? Best, Michele
  5. Hello, I am just seeing these posts now though they are 5 years old ! Cara I am going through the same thing with my daughter. How have things been ?
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