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  1. Can anyone give me some direction when having my son allergy tested? At 15-16 he's developed verbal tics, but has had a history of eye rolling/blinking and occasional grimacing since 5 or 6. I'd like to have him tested for both food and other potential environmental allergies. We've cleaned up the diet and he's been gluten/dairy free for some time and we've noticed a reduction in occurrences. I've not been able to find a "Holistic" or "Natural" Allergist/Immunologist who may know the specific testing that would serve him best. Do you think a general type of Allergist/Immunologist would suffice? Is there a specific panel of tests that is recommended? Or is it best to test for every potential food/environmental allergy? I've also noticed that there are some online/mail-in testing available for under $200. They claim to run a full panel of testing, but not sure of the reliability. Do you feel the in person "prick" testing would be more accurate? I was also curios if these tests will reveal a specific degree of intolerance. I understand his body may have not have a complete intolerance to something, but there may be a "weakness" to it. I'd greatly appreciate any direction or recommendations and advice anyone can offer. Regards.
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