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    Sunflower78 got a reaction from Chemar in New and heartbroken , can anyone talk to me?   
    Soo. I don't know what to think. I guess it was positive.
    The doctor we saw is a director of movement disorders at neurology department of National Children's hospital in DC and has 41 years of experience.  I guess he's seen it all.
    He did neuro exam, said my baby is perfectly healthy. Said his tics are a 2 out of 10. He sees this every day all day. Said the next few weeks will be most interesting  as they could start winding down and taper off. Said he didn't have a crystal ball and every child is different.  But 15 percent of kids have tics. Said transient can definitely be both vocal and motor. Also mentioned they could go away and then rear it's ugly head in puberty. But at the end said 80 percent of kids with tics do not have them at age 18, which should be encouraging. 
    I have a blood order for chemistry,  cbc, thyroid and some other stuff.
    He said wait and watch approach is a way to go and would not medicate my baby( good) unless tics are very bothersome to HIM
    Said magnesium supplements are a good idea.
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    Sunflower78 got a reaction from Chemar in New and heartbroken , can anyone talk to me?   
    Yes, all the info I could find is on thimerosal.  I always declined flu shots . He never had one.
    He had a good day today, fishing and playing. 
    I'm still a mess, but at least I sleep better now.
    Our neuro appointment is on Thursday.  I agree, from what I read on here, many neurologists are not so good and push meds right away. I made appointments with 3 different pedi neuros at 3 different places.( husband thinks overkill, but at least I feel like I am doing all I can to find the best one).
    I will let you guys know, what he says. 
    Thank you so much for checking on us!!!

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    Sunflower78 got a reaction from Chemar in New and heartbroken , can anyone talk to me?   
    Thank you both for your kind words. This feels so lonely. 
    We have a neuro appointment on 15th, but who knows what they tell us. It seems nobody really knows much about tics and first advice is wait and watch. Sigh.
    I am taking him to the zoo today to try and forget for a while.
    I bought the book already!
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    Sunflower78 reacted to evemac in New and heartbroken , can anyone talk to me?   
    YOU ARE NOT ALONE! There is a community of support who can and will listen and understand what you're going through, direct you to resources, tell you what has worked for them (elimination of gluten for us for sure), and give you hope.  That was about the same time my son's tics started, and it has been a long, fascinating journey.  If this is any comfort, he is presently a thriving 15 year old who plays football, is the deepest thinker I've ever met, kind and empathetic to others, and a most marvelous human being.  As far as the guilt goes, that is tough, but  I try to remember that we are all complex creatures who have genetically inherited strengths, talents and qualities that can make life a little more challenging.  And that is true for all of us, whether it manifests as something extrinsically or not.
    Hang in there.  We understand.
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    Sunflower78 reacted to Cristo-Krista in Tics After Neck Injury & Antibiotics   
    My son started w tics after an injury to the neck and head and then antibiotics.  Then after each time he had antibiotics for small things, he had head tics.  The last time it was nonstop movements after antibiotics. Every second or four seconds.   It’s so sad.  I don’t know what to do either.  
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    Sunflower78 reacted to Chemar in New and heartbroken , can anyone talk to me?   
    Hi Sunflower78
    So sorry to hear of what you are going through. As a mom who was in that same state of anguish almost 20 years ago, I absolutely understand. But I so agree with Sheila that you should not blame yourself. There are so many possible causative factors that can trigger tics. We can beat ourselves up, or we can focus on trying to find the best ways to make things better. It was thanks to Sheila and this forum that I was able to follow the latter course, and thankfully things started to improve for my son. In our case, my son does have a genetic TS component, but even so, many things we learned here made such a difference in helping to manage his tics.
    I do think your pediatrician may be way too quick to say Tourettes! Unfortunately many mainstream physicians really are not keeping up with so much info that is around about other possible tic triggers.
    I am at work so I can only do a quick reply now, but I would greatly encourage you to just start reading up on as much info here as possible and also on the main ACN/Latitudes website https://latitudes.org/
    Sheila's books and articles have been a tremendous help to so many as well!
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    Sunflower78 reacted to Sheila in New and heartbroken , can anyone talk to me?   
    Hi Sunflower78--welcome to the Forums. You sound like a wonderful mom and all the efforts you have made to stay green, breastfeed and eat clean have no doubt helped your son. 
    Please don't assume it was the vaccines or that you did anything wrong. Many, MANY kids have symptoms just like your boy. Sometimes they go away on their own, sometimes it takes extra steps to find the cause and then go from there. You are right that there is no way this could be considered Tourette's (Geez!). 
    I apologize that I am out of town and have to get off the computer but will check in soon. Don't despair, there are lots of things that can be done to help your son. Others on the Forum can help also.
    Best wishes, Sheila 
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