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  1. Hi How did you know which supplements to give and where do you purchase them all from? thanks Sarah
  2. Caryn - has the gluten free diet stopped the tics occurring (is corn related to??). Our son also has the celiac gene. thanks Sarah
  3. Hi All I have a 3 year old son, Matthew, who has some blinking tics for around six months and ADHD sometimes. There come and go (see below). I actually have been taking him to an 'advanced allergy elimination' kineasiology and they test you for food sensitivities/intolerances and then 'eliminate' them via an electric massage on your back while you hold a small glass tube of the allergic substance. We have had good success. (previously he would 'blink' when he ate corn, fish etc etc or was exposed to chlorine pools. Following the elimination of these intolerances he can now have them w
  4. Hi again I wanted to add I took my son, Matthew, to a Naturopath and Ped and he was tested and found the following: (a) Coeliac gene - so now oof gluten (and dairy and cane sugar) ( Low Zinc and Iron levels (does low Zinc cause tics????) © High toxicity so various (will be treated with some kind of foot pad to reduce toxins in the body) - can this have an affect on tics? thanks again Sarah
  5. Hi Everyone Wow - what a useful site this is. I have a two year old who has recently (about three months ago) starting ticcing. He has has blinking almost every day and also some shoulder shrugging, neck jerking one day, OCD (shutting doors, switching off lights, shoes on all the time). He also holds his head to one side (like a wry neck) - is that a tick. The first tic we noticed was the blinking which started 2 days after going swiming for the first time. It was a continual blink. I wonder if that was due to exposure to chlorine. As you can imagine I have been worried sick and c
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