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  1. I meant herxing ...not herding some ppl say that kids need to detox their liver or kidneys if they are herxing from the thing that caused the tics. I don’t know
  2. Hi sunflower Magnesium supplements Did he say what kind of magnesium? There are so many types it seems I think that certain things bring out tics in some ppl. In your son I agree w your thoughts that it could have been the vaccines that brought them out. In my son it was antbiotics that brought them out. I know because every time he had them he had tics then two weeks later they mostly subsided to the point of not being noticeable. Every time on abx. The stupid thing is that I gave abx again double the duration and the last time and suddenly after the dose and injury there w
  3. Sunflower...When are your appointments w the neurologists? I feel like there needs to be a mix of alternative medicine, eastern and western medicine to help with our kids But w people who are well versed in this topic. Diet, oils, chiro, testing etc I too feel helpless Chemar...thanks for the info on thimersol. We passed on the vaccines so far. If wants to work or volunteer in a certain work setting, they make the volunteers and workers get vaccinated. In some settings or careers it’s mandatory. There are so many places that demand vaccines. He is now questioning things and be
  4. The company just want to learn from people’s data. I get it. Maybe cures can come out of it. That’s good. But there is another side too. People just want to know about their lives. Some want to find people genetically linked to them. That’s a whole other deal. That is good if that’s what they want. But not everyone does. Some just want to know about their genetics but want to just know themselves.
  5. That makes good sense. Or maybe those throw away credit cards perhaps like gift cards.
  6. We bought a few brands from the health store. We stopped when we saw his explosive tics. She said she did many drops on his pants, feet, back, neck and spine and saw that after school he wasn’t well. Could not stop in another post you said your husband and son have ts so I’m guessing that makes it easier for your son to talk about it . My son won’t talk and gets very upset when I mention the tics or take him to someone to treat them. He hadn’t met anyone who had sudden tics What is neat?
  7. During school time my wife put a little drop of lavender on his feet night plus jasmine and camomile and massaged it into his feet at night. Put a little lavender and camomile into a diffuser. He went to sleep so quickly. The next day the same. He seemed calm. Then the following day she put a few drops on his neck and back and spine and put lavender oil on his school pants in the spine area. Well that day he came home and wouldn’t stop ticcing. She stopped w the oils. The whole week his tics were out of control. I read that oils can cause a herx. Not sure if that’s what happened
  8. He did probiotics boulardii and started having a snorting tic right after taking it. Like within half an hour. He doesn’t have snorting tics so this was new. I stopped the probiotic the next day and he didn’t snort. I put him on it later on and he did it within half an hour. So I stopped. Bio k seems ok as long as it’s just a little but otherwise his head tics increase. Kefir also brings them out more. Bifobactetium lactis is in a cereal that I give my twin babies and I give it to him sometimes and it seems to help him too but he doesn’t want it because it’s for the little ones.
  9. Which one would you recommend? around here... There is a chiro who isn’t NUCCA trained but has the atlas orthgonal machine. There is a NUCCA around here w but does not use an atlas Orthgonal
  10. Which brand do you use? Can we buy it at whole foods for example ?
  11. When paying for 23 and me how did you do that ? And genetic genie ? I worry about that too.
  12. The thing is that his started at 14. Sudden onset. Severe. Had tics when young. Small. Barely noticeable. But after taking antibiotics ...tics happened. Eating is a challenge now since he has entered the teen years. I don’t think he believes there is a connection w food and tics or environment and tics. Teens just want to be able to do things and not be different even though tics make them different. The hospital you are going to with your daughter, what do you think they will or can do?
  13. What do you find veviter does? How does it help? Where do you put it?
  14. Which social media account do you post info? what is the guanfacine tablet? Any side effects?
  15. The oils helped him relax and helped reduce tics? lavender peace and calming valor stress away
  16. Where do you put the lavender and peace where do you put the valor where do you put hj stress away its young living oils or du terra?
  17. Thanks for sharing. Our teen son won’t about it. He gets upset when I start to talk about it. Diet or vitamin talk in connection w talking about tics bothers him. Did you used to hold them in throughout your life or not ?
  18. All the things helped a bit ? Chiro? You did Cbit w him ? You tried meds ? Vitamin led and diets and OT? What vitamins ? Which diet? What did OT do? Chiro ? My son suddenly developed non stop head tics at 14 1/2 Sudden. Explosive. Non stop. All of a sudden. Normal one day and not the next. Not sure how he feels He hates talking about them and won’t. I feel helpless. Didn’t want Cbit. Was embarrassed. Went twice. Held the tics in. The counsellor didn’t see any tics yet I said he tics every four seconds. She made him show her his tics after having m
  19. My son started w tics after an injury to the neck and head and then antibiotics. Then after each time he had antibiotics for small things, he had head tics. The last time it was nonstop movements after antibiotics. Every second or four seconds. It’s so sad. I don’t know what to do either.
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