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  1. So sorry this is so delayed. I am new to this site and didn’t know anyone had commented. I went to Dr Froomes in Melbourne, Australia. It’s basically $300 per fmt and you should do 4 weeks, five times per week. I had an initial phone consult with him $235 and then just went for it. As soon as the kids finished school we flew there, got an Airbnb near his office and did it. Both my kids are doing great! My PANDAS kid has no symptoms. It’s been about two months. We were lucky and that our youngest child was tested and passed as a donor so we can now follow up at home. I’m super eager fo
  2. My 17 year old daughter suddenly had a psychiatric breakdown where she told me she has been hearing a mean voice telling her horrible things and urging her to harm herself. At the same time she started getting severe acne and extreme social anxiety. She then admitted to me that she had heard the voice at times of stress throughout her life. I took her to a very reputable adolescent psychiatrist who diagnosed her with anxiety and assured me she was not schizophrenic which was my biggest fear. He prescribed ssris which made it all worse. and she had to be hospitalized because the voice sta
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