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  1. Limemom, I’m glad to hear you have seen good results with the essential oils. We still use them for our son. As I mentioned before in a previous post, the tics always come & go with our son. I describe it as a revolving door. Some days he will be good with very few movements to none & other days they are much more prominent. He also has vocal tics some now, but they’re mild. We also started giving him a small dose of CBD oil a few months ago. His medicine did not seem like it was enough, but a whole tablet of Guanfacine was too much for him. The pharmacy recommended we give him a whole dropper each day, but we started out with a 1/4 dropper each morning after breakfast & we continue to ONLY give him 1/4 dropper once a day. We put it under his tongue & he holds it in his mouth for about 20 seconds, before he swallows it. It made his eyes red & a little irritated for the first few days, but it went away. We use Zilis Ultra Cell - Full Sprectrum HEMP CBD Oil. I buy ours locally at a pharmacy, but I have also found it on line. It’s a berry flavor & our son doesn’t mind the taste. In addition to the oils & diet, we also give him Guanfacine at night. We decided on medicine because his movements really started affecting his emotional well being & his daily life. We know that his transient tics are much worse without the Guanfacine medicine. We were against giving him any medicine in the beginning, but it really helps him. You may want to schedule an appointment with a neurologist, or try the CBD oil & see if it helps your son. I was very skeptical to try the CBD oil, but was glad we did. Please keep in mind what works for our son may not always work for everyone, but it helps to share our stories. I understand completely how you are feeling. Don’t allow the fear, anger & hopeless feelings to take over. Take it each day at a time. We refuse to let this control, or consume our son’s life. Hugs ❤️
  2. We usually only diffuse one to two drops of lavender in his room at night. We only apply a drop of peace & calming on neck, or feet if he is having trouble sleeping. We only use one drop of all oils we apply. Our sons tics come & go. I refer to it as a revolving door. He has days, or weeks that he is great & then they start all over again. They also move throughout his body too. The tics change constantly. We’ve found the diet has the most impact on our son & his guanfacine helps also. They all keep our sons tics at a minimum. We never really know when they may be more or less. We’ve done a lot of research & have found what works best for our son. Again, all kids are different. Have you been to a neurologist?
  3. We use Young Living brand. I believe you should be able to check on their website & contact a local rep in your area. You may also be able to order online.
  4. Diet is such a big factor with our son. I recommend everyone look at diet also when dealing with transient tics. It really makes such a difference with our son.
  5. Guanfacine is a medicine commonly used to treat tics. We only give our son a low dose at night, which appears to have no side effects on him. Everyone is different, so you will need to discuss this with your doctor. It is one of the few medicines we researched that has minimal side effects. I believe the higher the dose it may cause drowsiness & dry mouth some. Again, our son shows no side effects.
  6. The vetiver seems to help our sons tics the most. We’re not really sure what it does other than possibly slow down the nerve sensory overload to the brain some. We apply it in the morning on his big toe when he’s getting dressed for school.
  7. Hope36, I am so glad you saw our post. We started noticing certain foods would make his tics more noticeable & more out of control. We started removing all processed meats, especially hotdogs & brawts. We found these always made his tics flare up. We also cut out pizza, except for gluten free. We don’t believe he has a gluten allergy. However, most gluten free foods are also more natural with no preservatives & additives, which we believe affect our son. We also never eat Chinese food because of the MSG in it. It makes his tics awful. I buy only breads that state no high fructose corn syrup & it doesn’t seem to bother our son. I buy Healthy Life whole wheat bread at Walmart & also Sara Lee brand has some bread that is labeled no high fructose corn syrup. If we buy sandwich meat, turkey or ham, I buy Oscar Mayer Natural. It will show no artificial ingredients & no nitrates, which are additives to preserve longer. Our son likes peanut butter & Jelly so he eats that at school & we send lightly salted Pringles & organic granola bars. We also send organic annie’s Chocolate chip cookies a few days a week. I have also found that Kraft Mac & cheese does not affect him since they’ve removed the preservatives, etc. The Kraft Mac n cheese bowls are easy too. We mainly stick to all fresh fruits & vegetables & we cook at home primarily so we know what is in his food. I know it’s overwhelming, but over time it won’t be. Mainly stick to fresh fruits & veggies. Also we use Young Living oils because they are more pure. You should be able to find a local contact who may sell them in your area. I hope this helps & we are always here! Hugs
  8. I know exactly what you are feeling. I spent day & night trying to find hope, trying to find anything to help our son. I was very sad, so scared & very angry some days. I prayed daily God would take it from him & give it to me. I didn’t want to talk to anyone about it either & I was extra protective of him. I was so thankful I found the post regarding oils. It gave us our son back emotionally. He struggled so much at school. I also had a talk with all the parents we knew from school. I explained to them what he was dealing with and asked them to talk to their kids(his close friends) & explain to them he can’t control it & how hard it was on him for everyone to constantly ask what was wrong with him. They stopped asking & they actually started watching out for him if someone was ugly too. The oils helped so much with his emotions & also helped him relax more at night. I recommend the lavender & peace and calming at night. The valor promotes courage & strength & along with stress away helps to relax him at school without making him sleepy. The vetiver helps to relax their brain/mind, again without making them tired. I also wanted to mention that we also tried the magnesium supplements, but stopped after his bloodwork showed he was not deficient on any vitamins/minerals. I know what you’re feeling & you’re not alone. I now tell our story on Facebook & have had people reach out to me also. I once felt like I shouldn’t talk about it & that no one would understand, but it helps so much to reach out like you have. We need to educate each other & share our stories & show others that there are more natural approaches. As my husband mentioned earlier, I also recommend you meet with a neurologist just to get clarification. We had bloodwork to make sure he was not missing key vitamins & minerals. The Guanfacine tablet does make a difference. Our son is proof that it is possible to have tics & still have a happy, normal life. I am here if you need anything, or have any questions.
  9. Hello, This is my first time on here. Chris is my husband & I wanted to give an update on our son. He is now 9 years old & I'm happy to say his tics are now under control, with only occasional motor tics. We are so thankful for sites like this. Otherwise we would have never known to restrict his diet & try essential oils. I have several friends who have reached out after my recent post on social media & they are also seeing positive results with changing diet & applying essential oils. I spend much more time at the grocery store checking labels on anything that is processed foods. I buy mostly fresh fruits, vegetables & all natural meats. We can always tell if our son eats something that is not within his diet. His tics are almost instantly much more visible & it takes a few days to get him back to normal. We are so thankful everyday to have our happy go lucky son back. We know that he may always have tics, but it’s so reassuring to know that it is controllable with something as simple as diet changes & his daily half tablet of Guanfacine. I have said from the beginning I will always make sure he has a normal, happy life, no matter what. It is possible. My son is a reminder everyday.
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