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  1. My son (13yo) has religously been on the rotation diet for over 2 weeks. The diet also removed his recently diagnosed allergies of Corn, Wheat, Sugar, Gluten ect. Not been fun. He is taking Nystatin, Probiotic and Vitamin Supplement. 1 week ago, he started getting a rash on his leg, concentrated in one spot. Left message with Enviro Dr, have a phone appointment scheduled for friday, although I really would like some feedback now if anyone can provide. Thank you, Brad
  2. Pat, why did you switch from NAET to Bio?
  3. Talk to your eye doctor, there are vision therapy's, ie training the eye. We used this on my youngest son, at age 8. It was an online therapy, where he looked through different glasses and scored points in "therapy" games. This is similar I think to what professional baseball players use to get their eyes trained, for reading the balls as they come to home plate. Great results for my son, the first two doctors said glasses, we kept looking and found another with this program.
  4. Any info, appreciated. My wife, Donna, met with Enviro Dr today for our first meeting. I'm home with our other son, and looking for some help tonight. Donna and my other son Grant are meeting tommorow with the Dr for the remaining tests ect.. So, can anyone tell me good/bad experiences, side effects concerns ect.. we should have concerning Nystatin, NAET, and Allergy drops?? I have read past posts on these, but tonight I can't pull it all together and I want the latest comments. Thank you, Brad
  5. Does anyone know if you can take shots vs pills for the antibiotic for Strep Throat? My thinking is that I would like to bypass the gut, it's probably had enough pressure from antibiotics. Any comments welcome.
  6. We are searching for an environmental doctor and was wondering if anyone had seen Dr. Sultan and what their experience was. Florissant, Missouri is in the St. Louis area. Thank you
  7. Does Dr. Willoughby do bio-medicine? Did you change from Willoughby to Dr Babptist? why? Is Willoughby going to just run the tests, and want to give shots? What type of relationship do you have with Dr Babpist after the first meeting? Follow-up meetings? and what is discussed? We believe our son does have Candida, yeast inflammation. Our son had tics that did move from hands, to shoulder, to head, to eyes ect.. for several years. Now, the eye rolling (which never went away) and head jerking are the tics he has had for 6 mos. His complaints are headaches (from head jerking), st
  8. Thanks Chemar, I bought Sheila's book and it has been so helpful, which has inspired us to locate an enviromental doctor. I just thought some real life experiences that some of you may have would also be helpful. I have only been on the forum today, and have already learned so much. Actually, I somehow thought you would be the one that respoded first, ha. You are a great advocate for so many people on this site, thank you.
  9. Our son Grant, was diagnosed with Pandas a few years ago. Recently found Sheila Rogers book and found this site, awesome. My question today is what can I do to prepare for our first visit with an enviromental specialist? He is in Kansas City, though we live in 200 miles away, so we want to be prepared as much as possible. We believe our son, with other things, has the yeast infection, Candida. The Leaky Gut is pretty scary. Thanks
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