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    My son has been receiving acupuncture once a week for the past 4 weeks. I am pleasantly surprised with the improvement. The tics are still present but with a lot less intensity. We will continue to go and I hope to continue to see positive results.
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    crazy reacted to lmcgill in Updates from members - successes or not   
    I admit, I was obsessed with this forum while we experienced what probably the majority who visit this site do.....panic! We did lots of tests, took many supplements, did NAET treatments, every time hoping for a miracle to stop his tics. Looking back now, when he was about 8 was when they started. He had the arm jerks, shoulder shrug, eye rolling/blinking. He just turned 14 a couple months ago and he has not had body movements since he was about 10, and about the only thing he has now is the odd eye roll or blinking. For us, I think it was and still do think it was wheat or gluten issues. Ever since we took that out of his diet, he has been great. I suppose it doesn't matter to me if he just grew out of it or if the diet changes helped, but the story I want to tell is it gets better but as most people will say, it is a journey. I would like to thank all those that gave me hope, it was appreciated and now I feel qualified to pass that hope along. You can search my old posts and see my journey, when the posts started getting less was a direct time line to my sons tics. I shed a lot of tears and felt helpless and hopeless many times but it does get better, and you will be a stronger more loving parent because of this "journey".
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