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  1. Hi Sheila,Yes, I am trying hard to find the cause of his symptoms. I will continue this work. Thank you very much for your reply!
  2. Hi Sheila,Thank you very much for your reply, I am sorry that I do not visit this website frequently. Maybe because of language barriers, but I did find that there are a lot of information that can help me. I want to encourage myself to come to this website to learn more. The frustrating thing is that my son's recent symptoms seem to be aggravating, I think maybe because of too much swimming time, he spent three hours in the pool every day for three days on weekends, then he has a lot of hard breath and cry. But I have nothing to do, here. I am looking forward to our return to Be
  3. I am from Beijing, China. I am sorry, my English is very bad. I have to use translation software to send this help information. My boy is 13 years old. Last November, he first had emotional problems, anxiety and some compulsive tendencies. For example, he is always worried that his schoolbags are not well organized and always worry about forgetting about things. A few days later, he began to show some body movements, like looking up, hoeing, bending and so on. We tried Chinese herbal medicine for 7 weeks and it didn't work. We are also trying to alleviate his psychological pressure and en
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