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  1. Hi Sheila,Yes, I am trying hard to find the cause of his symptoms. I will continue this work. Thank you very much for your reply!
  2. Hi Sheila,Thank you very much for your reply, I am sorry that I do not visit this website frequently. Maybe because of language barriers, but I did find that there are a lot of information that can help me. I want to encourage myself to come to this website to learn more. The frustrating thing is that my son's recent symptoms seem to be aggravating, I think maybe because of too much swimming time, he spent three hours in the pool every day for three days on weekends, then he has a lot of hard breath and cry. But I have nothing to do, here. I am looking forward to our return to Beijing in mid-June. I will take him to do food and environmental factors will bring him allergies or intolerance testing. thank you again,Sheila.
  3. I am from Beijing, China. I am sorry, my English is very bad. I have to use translation software to send this help information. My boy is 13 years old. Last November, he first had emotional problems, anxiety and some compulsive tendencies. For example, he is always worried that his schoolbags are not well organized and always worry about forgetting about things. A few days later, he began to show some body movements, like looking up, hoeing, bending and so on. We tried Chinese herbal medicine for 7 weeks and it didn't work. We are also trying to alleviate his psychological pressure and encourage him to release his emotions. At present, His body has very little convulsions, sometimes he leans hard and there is nothing else.. However, perhaps he is under some pressure in school. He often shouts slang, especially when he is nervous and angry. This situation has lasted for about 3 months. Thanks for this website! I just knew that food intolerance or allergies to the environment may be the cause of a child's twitching. I have already done HTMA and the results show that his body's lead, mercury and aluminum levels are very high! However, in any case, I can't fully trust the person who recommended me to do HTMA. He is called Ton. He is very enthusiastic about recommending various supplements for me. The price is very expensive! Another mother who was once recommended to do HTMA told me that she had taken Ton's supplement for 4 months without any change. I have a few questions and hope to get help! 1. I now have the supplements that Ton asked me to buy. They are calcium and magnesium tablets and fish oil. Ton tells me to eat one tablet each morning and evening. Its brand is Endomet, very strange, I can't find information about this brand, are they safe for my child? Does anyone know about this brand? 2, I hope to help the child to remove lead, mercury and aluminum from the body, so I bought the NAC Detox Regulators on the IHerb website. My son is 13 years old and weighs about 43 kilograms. What dose can I give him every day? 3. I have observed that my son is mainly emotional, so now he takes one tablet of calcium and magnesium and fish oil every night for 20 days, but I have not seen any changes, maybe not very quickly. From yesterday, I asked him to take 50mg of vitamin B6 after breakfast. Is this okay? Since the city we live in is currently unable to detect food intolerance, I will take him to another city for inspection after half a month. If I can get any information, it will be very helpful to me! thank you very much!
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