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  1. I just learned about PANDAS today and suddenly it seems like puzzle pieces are starting to come together. My DS10 started getting these rages when he was 4. They came out of the blue and we thought they were related to his baby brother being due a month later. Right around when he started getting these rages we took him to the dr because he had severe pain urinating. Turns out he had strep but was asymptomatic so we didn't know until it had gotten down to the urinary track. It was years dealing with the rages, mood swings, anxiety, and other behavioral issues that would come over him like a wave. We finally took him to neurofeedback along with therapy which seemed to help him for over a year and half, so much so we thought it was behind us and he just had stronger emotions than other kids. In December the rages started up again, and have been getting progressively worse and more severe. I just got strep throat last week, and decided to have my kids tested, even though they had no symptoms, because I figured I must have gotten it from one of them. Turns out they both came back with positive tests. My youngest had it back at the end of November, and now I'm wondering if my oldest has had it all this time and we didn't know and it was causing the relapse of the rages. Last week the rages were happening daily and were the most severe we've ever seen, now that he is on antibiotics they seem to be on a downward swing. My question, has anyone had kids with PANDAS that didn't have OCD or tics? We have had a hard time getting him to eat lately, he never seems hungry, but there aren't any issues (scared of choking, worried about poison, etc) with the eating - it's just a pain to get him to eat much. I haven't ever noticed any tics. He definitely has been having more anxiety issues lately with not wanting to go where kids he doesn't know are, the rages of course, depression (self hate), suicidal threats (during the rages) and losing his mind over small things like putting on a jacket, changing his pants (he wants to wear the same pants to school everyday because they are his comfortable pants and can't stand jeans now).
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