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  1. Hi all, new here and may need help with acronyms - what does DD, DS, DH stand for? I'm thinking D (dear??) daughter, son, husband? Am I way off? Noticed in quote above DD worst month of year is January for past 3 years. Same here for my son, who started out of the blue with sudden onset OCD leading into severe panic attack, anxiety, separation anxiety and school refusal. He was just talking to me today about how the last few years it's started in January with original onset starting at 13 in September (3 days into school year). Dr. says almost surely a candidate for PANDAS, tested positive for MTHFR mutation, as did I but I don't have the symptoms he does with it (I am diagnosed with Autism, high functioning with ADHD. He was recently diagnosed with ADD as well, but more the focus not the scatteredness I experience.) He is currently having a flare, which always comes with cysts around or in his ears. Currently also accompanied by two different stys on his right eye. The cysts are very painful, always in different degrees of size and duration. But always come with anxiety or depression. He is taking a slew of suppliments, using Manuka honey topically that seemed to be working, but here we are again. He is now 17. Got bloodwork for strep titres today. One of my questions for any or all of you is - has anyone else seen cysts with flares? Dr. feels they are built up toxins trying to get out of his body as he does have issues clearing toxins. Anyone read anything here I've written and have any input at all I'm all ears. This kid never had any issues in his life, at all. Star soccer player, successful in school, quiet and shy but has a great group of friends through it all - thank God - then this came out of nowhere and changed everything. Oh BTW started AIP diet monday. any ideas on when we may see some kinds of results or any experiences you want to share? Also started antibiotic ointment for the eye and cysts, but weren't getting better, so started oral antibiotics today. In the past they did nothing for the cysts but we have to do something. Also want to ask, do y'all find antibiotics to be helpful for PANDAS or not or detrimental? I'm open to hear anyone's thoughts and experiences and I'm glad I found this page.
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