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  1. Hi Thank you for the reply I hope someone with a similar experience replies as we are in the middle of figuring out whether it is TS or PP. She is on antibiotics for one month and that is worrying me a bit what if I am giving her antibiotics for no reason and actually doing more damage than good. But another thing is that she has quite a bit of strep going on in her :)
  2. Hi everyone I have been reading the posts here for almost a year now, which has been so helpful in many different ways. I finally found the courage to post and share our story. I will really appreciate the input of those who have had similar experiences. I have a 5-year-old daughter who developed tics around May 2018. Prior to that, I do not remember her having any tics, compulsions or repeated behavior of any sort. I will try to keep it brief. She had chickenpox in April 2018. Looking back, she started facial grimacing, touching cars, getting upset because she had to be the o
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