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  1. Just to give you my story I've had OCD for about 6 years and I'm a now 21. I've had just about every ridiculous fear you could imagine. Intrusive thoughts are just part of my daily routine. Just as one fear that will have been plaguing me for a weeks dies away it is quickly replaced by a new one often completely unrelated by which causes just as much distress. These intrusive thoughts interfere with my uni studies, relationships and ruin my quality of life. A couple of years ago my OCD was so bad I would feel overcome with feelings of guilt, shame and anxiety that I had trouble sleeping and was on sleeping pills off and on for quite a while. Back then I didn't even realise I had OCD. I've read some material on OCD which has been helpful but I still feel crippled by it. The thing is if I go to the doctor, what exactly am I supposed to tell him without him thinking I'm crazy. I'm sick of OCD and just want to get it treated. Although I feeling antidepressant medication wont help me and that people with OCD have to take a lot higher dose than someone who being treated for depression. Is this true? Anyway I'm not too keen on taking drugs especially if they are not even guaranteed to work but I would if it did get rid of my intrusive thoughts. I would like to have cognitive behaviour therapy but it sound like it's pretty expensive and how do I find a good specialist? I live in New Zealand. It's nice to find a forum where people are going through the same thing as me. It's not that I want a pity party- I haven't even told my closest friends that I have OCD- what I want is a cure.
  2. Hey I know exactly how you feel. I've had OCD since I was about 15. I'm now 21 and can say it has affected every area of my life. My intrusive thoughts always focus around the opposite of who I know I am or what I actually want to do (if that makes sense). What I've learnt is the more you worry or are distressed by these unwanted thoughts the worse your fears will get. That's the way OCD works, it's only aim is to destroy your life. I believe the context of the thoughts and they thoughts themselves are not the problem but the importance you attach to them. I read a good book called overcoming OCD, which helped me quite a bit but I've backsliden since the and recently it's got worse. I'm glad you've reached out for help, even my closest friends and family don't know I have OCD.
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