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  1. DD1 was on 6 weeks of Azithromycin. Little/no improvement. Switched to Augmentin 5 days ago. Now leg pains are back with a vengeance (hadn't really noticed they had gotten so much better - guess they had), and we can't get her to brush her teeth. DD2 started Bactrim 5 days ago. Restrictive eating/OCD flared, and 24 hours ago, she was switched to Augmentin. Reports confusion/difficulty reading tougher texts that she thinks she would have been able to comprehend otherwise. Was confused tonight in ballet. I thought PANS would respond to antibiotics by getting better quickly, slowly,
  2. Thanks. The stomach pain and leg pain were both prior to starting antibiotics. Two local PANDAS doctors have told me they see the stomach pain frequently. One even said: I see the kids all the time with full GI workups, lots of testing, and nothing shows up.
  3. Hi, It appears both daughters have PANS/PANDAS, after seeing many conventional specialists, and several believing PANS or PANDAS is the correct diagnosis. Some symptoms I don't see frequently in the literature, though, and I wonder if they are related. Abdominal pain. Several local doctors say they see that a lot in PANDAS patients. Why isn't it listed as symptom? That is the most-complained about symptom for both kids (they don't complain about the OCD (both), tic (one), anorexia (one) - that's all me!). We wasted a lot of time/energy with GI tests and procedures that showed n
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