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  1. Yes, we are willing to travel. Thank you!
  2. Update: Sheila, we have tried contacting the doctor you recomended, but after many, many tries to speak to a person and leaving an incredible amount of voice message, we have not been able to make an appointment or even receive a call back. Wondering is you could recommmend another doctor, preferably someone in Western MA, but we are willing to travel. My son's tics vary from day to day. In March he was diagnised with Kawasakis Disease and had a three month stay in the hospital, receiving IVIG treatment. Wondering if anyone on this site has had Kawasakis? He is doing well, no damage to h
  3. Thank you. I have joined FB groups, went to an allergist for skin testing (most common allergens negative), sertraline isn't working so we are weaning off. Shelia, thank you for reaching out and I would love help finding a doctor in MA that can help guide us! Thank you!
  4. We are new to this forum and are desperately looking for any suggestions or guidance to help our son. Our son has always had sensory sensitiities, specifically to clothing. He's a great eater and has alsways been sweet, easy going with a great attention span. He is an angel at school and gets god grades. He has social and separation anxiety. One year ago, last December, he had a significant choking incident, that caused him to significantly restrict his diet to soft, safe foods. Shortly after this, he began having motor tics and then minor vocal tics. We saw the pediatrician and a
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