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  1. Thank you for the replies! Will suggest a look at the probiotic - a few days off would be ok....will try anything. Granddaughters mood is still 'antagonistic' after being on the minocycline for 14 days. Will look at schooling options - initially Dr felt if she should be in school if she could get to school - but we will see if that happens this week.. Did anyone sign a medical release for the school speak directly to their child's doctors? ??? Is this a good idea??? (Granddaughter has to sign the release form also since she is 14 yrs old..) The school is pushing hard for this
  2. This is my first post. My Granddaughter, age 14 - PANS diagnosis on antibodies since July had her first flare resulting in her being out of school. Cause could be allergies or exposure to things at school. Dr changed antibiotic and rans labs to find mycoplasma IGG tripled since last lab. The set back was dramatic - and her fatigue was a huge issue to her getting to school - often falling asleep before she left for school. - now we have to deal with a truancy issue.... Her mood is off and she is not where she was the beginning of Sept - She is on probiotic and anti viral meds. Fla
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