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  1. I also got pans when I was 14 and I always got strep infections, what worked great for me was having my tonsils out , I haven’t got strep since then 12 years ago. If she’s constantly catching things I think it would help. Adenoids removed too
  2. Have you been tested for sibo , I have that right now and probiotics can aggravate it.
  3. Jsl25 I was put on Azithromycin and I developed a stomach issue that I had no idea about that was keeping me in a flare. It’s probably ok but you have to watch out for that . I went over a year before I realized the Azithromycin was causing digestive issues with no stomach symtoms but a bad flare. Your kid should be ok but it’s always possible.
  4. Hi guys, I didn’t know much about this disease years ago and only thought I got it from strep to find out so many other things including inflammation will flare me. But does anybody else experience flares from anti anxiety medicine like clonazapam? I was in a flare for 2 years not knowing what was wrong and found out that was keeping me in a bad flare just like strep would. Also flared from stomach issues from taking antibiotics ? I have pans and if it happened to me it can defienently happen to someone else with pans so just looking out for ya
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