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  1. Hi Susanne, Thanks for your reply and providing suggestions, much appreciated. My son's tics change all the time, every 2 months he will start a few new tics and old one may fade away or stay, at times we have seen whole-body ticing. After removing offending food (which we observed), his motor tics have lessened but we are very concerned about his speaking difficulties and vocal tics. He doesn't have difficulty in every sentence but once in 10 sentences. During book reading, he'll have a flare of speaking, vocal and motor tics. Due to speaking issues and vocal tics (scream etc.), he
  2. Hi All, We need help!! Are stuttering, speaking unnecessary words in sentences, completing one sentence in a long time due to stuttering and speaking unnecessary words in between tic-related issues or could there be something else. We are very concerned because speaking problem has increased a lot in last 2 days. he takes a long time to complete a sentence (not every-time). Could some one please please guide us what can be done and whom should we consult? Not sure how will he be able to cope in school. Some background: My 7.5-year-old boy is diagnosed with tics disorder
  3. Hi All, I am so fortunate to know about this blog, thanks to Sheila Rogers DeMare’s life-changing book I came across 3 weeks ago – “Natural Treatments for Tics and Tourette's: A Patient and Family Guide”. Could there be any connection of tooth crown with tics? I believe the severity of my son’s tics increased within a month after his operation for five tooth crowns in February 2017, could someone please advise on this or share some material I can read? Some Background: My 7.5-year-old boy is diagnosed with tics disorder. At the age of 5, he rolled his eyes which we thought
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