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  1. Hi Jonal, My son started having overnight panic attacks as well. For the last 3 weeks he wakes up around the same time every night crying, very angry. One night he was crying because he didn't say good night to us which he did but it wasn't his usual 3 times. He always has to say good night 3 times. He's usually so moody, one night he got mad because I was touching his pillow and he said my hands were dirty. Definitely OCD. He's only 3 years old. I definitely need to research PANDAS more. His first neurologist tested him for strep and I believe it came back negative. I definitely feel I
  2. Hi Starfish, I feel your pain and frustration. My son also has had periods of no tics and then suddenly he starts having them again. He has gone a good two months with absolutely no tics and then started having them again. It definitely is an emotional roller coaster. I feel that he tends to get them after being sick, when he is tired or eating candy. He hasn't had the breathing tic since August, now it's mostly blinking. I also notice a change in his temperament when he has tics. He's a bit more moodier and even has signs of ocd. Praying for our little guys. I know what you mean about t
  3. Hello Jonal, I did consider PANDAS and his neurologist did some blood test and he said PANDAS was ruled out. Right now he's doing great. I do see some OCD in him. He has to have things his way and he hates messed. Everything has to be in threes. Like he can't just have one of something, it has to be 3. I have to say good night to him 3 times etc, etc. They say sometimes kids with tics have ocd issues as well. Unfortunately it's a take it day by day thing . I pray a lot that's for sure. Hope the best for your little guy and will definitely keep you posted and please keep me posted as well
  4. Hello Al, I'm so sorry to hear about your son. I love this forum because we have such a big support system. Doctors say tics are very common but i don't know anyone personally that has experienced this. I live in CA. I have taken my son to two neurologists and one was a bit pessimistic the other one was more optimistic. The first one said it's basically tourettes. He considered the breathing tic a vocal tic. The other neurologist from UCLA didn't agree, she felt it was a motor tic and she felt the prognosis was good that the tics would most likely go away. Since September they have come
  5. Thank you so much for sharing your story and encouragement...I am definitely thankful for what it is ,what its not..I have a friend that lost her 5 year old to cancer 2 years ago snd lat her husband a year later...I definitely am thankful for my childrenis health ...I just worry about him suffering,being bullied...I shouldn't assume that's going to happen,that is what I'm learning..I'm sure God will bless him with wonderful friends that will be his support system along with his family...again thank you so much,wish you and your family the absolute best!
  6. Hi Evemac, I felt such happiness when you said your son is strong academically and a strong athlete !! I read so much about people going through deep depression and having anxiety. So happy your son is doing great! Can I ask, have your sons tics gotten better? Have they been pretty consistent or have they "waxed and waned" as they call it. They say that they start to get better in the teens. I hope they have! I read somewhere too that usually by adulthood the tics are gone. I am just taking t his day by day and doing a lot of praying. Thank you again for your response, i def
  7. Yes, it definitely does help to talk to others on this blog. As common as the doctors say this is I have not met one other person that is dealing with this or has dealt with this. And yes, it agree its so hard to distinguish a vocal tic in the younger kids. I think the only vocal tic son has has is the breathing one but who knows because he's always talking in baby talk, repeats things etc, especially when he's in his bed trying to go to sleep. The motor ones have been eye rolling, grimacing, grimacing while lifting an arm or a leg or sometimes both. I guess that would be a complex tic. The
  8. I totally feel your pain.I start getting so depressed when I picture him getting bullied and suffering one day due to that, getting depressed due to bullying etc. I feel such a tug at my heart when I think that way. My husband is my rock and keeps reminding me about how he's a healthy happy boy, there's parents facing much worse things like you said.He reminds me he will be a strong boy that won't let things like that get to him because that is how we will raise him. When I think that way I feel better. I think we just need to take it one day at a time. I am so sorry that the tics came back
  9. Thank you so much for your response. I do feel a lot better! I did read that up to 25% of kids get tics and less than 2% have them longer than a year. Praying for our little guys that they're in the 23%!! I want to do research so I could know how to help my son and at the same time doing research could really hurt us because of what's online, especially youtube!! It seems like the worst cases are online and youtube. The neurologist told me to stay off youtube, he said the majority of tics are hardly noticeable.And yes, tourettes does not have to be the big scary word. What supplements are yo
  10. As many people on this forum I am beyond devastated...my 3 year old boy started rolling his eyes 4 weeks ago,that progressed to facial grimacing,facial grimacing while lifting an arm or leg..for a few days he also grimaced and did a fast breathing twice and then stopped...last December he was blinking and I mentioned that to neurologist but come to think of it it wasnt fast excessive blinking...my husband snd I panicked and took him to eye dr right away as we figured he needs glasses,which he didnt...our oldest daughter started wearing glasses at 2...anyways I feel the blinking wasnt a tic....
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