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  1. To add to my wife’s comments. The peanut butter and jelly we get is also all natural. Smuckers brand has all natural at Walmart and Jiff and Peter Pan peanut butter offers all natural options. We are Just fortunate our son loves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and eats them every day at school for lunch. When he starts middle School we might be able to send things we make at home that he can heat up at school himself but we will cross that bridge when we get there. We also deal with the birthday parties and keeping him away from school foods. It’s hard. But we have told him he also has to d
  2. It’s amazing what you described here. The symptoms you describe are the exact tics our son had. We find that the tics move around or show up at different times in different areas. Now that we have it under control and when he eats a little something he shouldn’t the tics start in his stomach as you describe and a head nod until we can get it out of his system. We know your concerns of pain and other kids. At its worst our son could barely walk as he would take a few steps and he would stop and one side of his body would seize and shake with his tongue sticking out. Yes some kids are cruel and
  3. Hi WorriedMum, My wife and I know exactly what you are going through. My son in the beginning had similar facial seizure and tongue sticking out. It would lock in that position for a few seconds and repeat the process every 10 seconds or so. I’m so sorry your family is going through this and especially your daughter. So many people don’t understand how this affects the entire family. How old is your daughter and when did her tics begin? Hopefully you have read our posts above and see the steps we have taken. We have not used a jasmine oil although the oils we use might have some jasmine
  4. Hi mlee, Thank you for your response and details. Please see my response above to Tropea22 on how I apply each of the oils we use on my son. I was a skeptic but we really have seen some amazing results. After finding this website and reading Shelia's book, I believe the real root cause is food related as you mention. However the oils seem to naturally relax the tics and helps a lot. But again we are new with this and thankful we found this forum. We are planning an appointment with a local allergist to run tests similar to what you mention above. I will see if we have an ND doctor a
  5. Hi tropea22, I'm not familiar with a carrier oil. But since I only apply the essential oils only I guess I do not use a carrier oil. We apply the oils using one drop each. They're pretty strong so one drop is all I'm aware is needed. We apply 3 of the essential oils in the morning every day. See as follows: Stress Away: Rub it up and down his spine. Valor: Rub it in the middle of the small in the back of his neck just below his hair line. Vetiver: Rub it on his big toe before putting his socks on. We apply 2 of the essential oils before he goes to be. See thos
  6. Hi Supermom13. Yes I apply them to my son. Essential oils are all natural. I apply one drop of each per day. Stress Away, Valor and also Vetiver one drop each in the morning before he goes to school. Lavender and Peace & Calming one drop each before he goes to bed. Except for Lavender, the others are a mix of different Essential Oils. Young Living is the brand we are using and more details can be found on their site I'm sure. I've also ready other blogs on this site of people using Jasmine essential oils. I'm looking into that one.
  7. Thank you Chemar for your response! I've seen others in other blogs mention Jasmine Oil being effective. What exactly does the Jasmine oil target and affect to help? Also the friend we bought the essential oils from, her husband has severe ADHD and struggled to function in college. Medicines made him a zombie and many mood swings and felt terrible. She researched and learned from others about using essential oils for ADHD. She said that the 4 or 5 oils he used helped him tremendously and has been using them for the past 15 + years with little issue with ADHD.
  8. Hello, I'm new here and first time typing a message. My wife and I have 3 children ranging from Highschool, Middle School and our youngest 8 year old son in 3rd grade. My oldest two kids have no signs or issues with tics, etc.. However my youngest son over the past summer shortly after school ended started showing signs of small motor tics. We didn't think much about it at the time. Annoying as we thought it was becoming a bad habit. As the summer went on we noticed new facial tics, heading jerks and eye twitching. Then straining his right hand and arm would begin seizing. We woul
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