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  1. Hi. I got a similar case. I try to count. 1 2 3 4 to 20 I know how bad this is. I had all sort of tic come by. I try to keep my mind occupied or distracted. Imagine thing you know. For example. Like how does a car engine works. Imagine the engines pistons etc. How that made? Youtube it . Learn and for the future use those thoughts of how the thing was made. When you watch a movie. Do you calm down? Ask someone you see a movid with and ask how calm you are and how many times the tic kicked in. Hopefully it helps. Im 32 of and I try do
  2. I do it thru the mouth. I try to keep my mind distracted. It helps. It comes and goes. I been taking Pimozoide(orap) It does help. Im 32 and its 2018 and still trying to overcome this.
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