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  1. OK, So I am starting to think I am a pure O OCD. But it only happens within failed desired relationships. Ok so this is my story. I had been with my BF for about 4 years when I met this guy at a concert. Things were a little craazy and ended up giving him my number. Went to another concert with this guy with a friend and got to talk and get to know him and found I was REALLY attracted to him. But I did email him the next day and let him know I was in a relationship and decided we'd just be friends. So 5 months go by of just emailing back and forth and thinking about him. (I was on the rocks with my bf for about 6 months before I met this guy). So I decide to go for it, I asked this guy to go on a trip to another city with me and figured no guy with a GF would ever agree to do something like that with a girl, and when he agreed, I figured it was safe, that he liked me and he was single. I broke up with my bf and told this guy and then he told me he had a GF! the trip was already planned so I went anyways thinking I would just be good. Well sh$t happened... as things do when two people are left alone. Two months later the guy wouldn't make a solid decision on staying with his gf or not. Well long story short... It didn't work out... He pretty much stayed with his gf. Very very disappointing to me... But now its been months, but I CANT stop thinking about the situation!! I mull over things said, done, how they could of been done differently. I mean you name it I have thought of it over and over and over and over... EVERY SINGLE DAY! And the thoughts are invasive I can't make them stop. I think about it when I wake up, I think about before I goto bed and sometimes I even dream about it. I try to check my thoughts but they still keep coming around. This has happened before with a guy I REALLY liked but couldn't have and I did the same obsessive thinking for about 6months! Until I met someone else I liked. And it only happens when it fails... I mean If I meet someone and it works out and everything is good I don't obsess about anything.. Just when I can't have what I really desired... do I obsess? Is this OCD? How do I make it stop? It makes me very depressed having to re-live the situation everyday in my head and it make me feels crazy.... Or is this normal couping with a bad event??? For some reason I don't think this is normal??? Are there any tips or tricks to control the thoughts? I really want to get over this, But I can't control these repetitive thoughts in my head! I was thinking of maybe seeing a hypnotist? To make me stop rethinking this over and over and over again? I just want it to STOP!
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