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  1. @jason_dfwThank you so much for that response. It's what I needed to hear.
  2. Thanks for the info. Having had yeast overgrowth myself I totally get how that affects your body. So maybe that's it. Really appreciate the information!
  3. @maryangela WOW, thanks for this information. My husband was never on board with the PANDAS idea (still isn't, when I share the with him, he'll probably roll his eyes and call me paranoid!), but I still wonder if that has something to do with this. My nephew has TS and my son's tics don't look at all like his, although I understand tics are very variable from kid to kid. I'm so glad your son is almost fully recovered! The fact that my son's movements started after a long illness and they wax and wane based on his illness, he gets respiratory issues probably more than most kids (we ma
  4. Hi there - My DS (9) came down with a tic a year ago, after a long respiratory illness. He would clear his throat often, then it moved to a tic where he looked like he was slowly stretching his neck. The whole time he would also say his body needed to stretch, manifesting itself in him standing in awkward positions, sometimes with his hand on his hip, looking like he was almost trying to stop his muscles from moving. We talked to the doctor and she said it was probably just a transient tic and it would stop. We also had him checked for PANDAS and that was ruled out. Then last fa
  5. Thank you all for your responses! @cova I am so interested in the treatment you mentioned. We're in Bolingbrook so Lemont isn't too far. So just today, DS has come down with what we think is a cold, but I'm wondering if it could be an undiagnosed allergic reaction to food (sniffles, lots of gunk in his throat). He's now legitimately coughing (vs. what we have thought was a throat clearing tic), and oddly, his tics have completely disappeared. His neck movements and stretching movements that were very obvious yesterday are gone. It's very strange (in a good way, I guess?). Most of
  6. Hi there - My 9 yo son has had what our doctor called transient tics on and off for a year. They started after he had pneumonia last winter, with a throat clearing that was legit at first, then we realized he was just doing it over - and over - and over, well after he was better. Then last summer, those went away and he had a very mild shoulder thing where he would sort of roll his shoulders back like he was stretching, and he always seemed like he had to stretch. Then we were so happy when everything went away in the fall, and all continued to be well until this spring, when he got a
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