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  1. Has anyone used Tenex to treat Tourette? My sons TICS are so bad that his neurologist wants to put him on Tenex. I was told it’s the mildest with the least side effects. If anyone had any experience in terms of effectiveness and side effects, please let me know. I have taken him to a PANDAS:PANS neurologist and is waiting on test result. My son’s Suffering from so many motor and vocal tics I’m actually considering the drug, if it’s helpful.
  2. Just wondering if anyone had any experience dealing with children with tic disorders with daily unprovoked outbursts. My son developed tic disorder few months ago and his condition has gotten progressively worse. He went from slight motor tics few time a day to multiple motor and vocal tics with increase in frequency and intensity, all within about 3 months of time span. He also lost a lot of weight but eating well. In the recent weeks, he would have episode of outbursts complaining about physical discomfort in the stomach, feeling hot and cold, screaming and crying in agony. His feet and
  3. Msimon3- can you provide the info of the PANDAS/PANS Doctor in NJ? My son started with mild motor tics in early 2018. Since then the tics progressed to badly that he’s shrieking in high pitch voice continuously through out the day, along with several motor tics. He’s seen a neurologist who said his tics are recent and we need to wait and see. His tics definitely worsen during the spring pollen season. I’ve watched his diet very closely and observed no specific trigger. I even stopped his competitive swimming for fear of chlorine as a trigger and also wanted to reduce his anxiety. He’s ha
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