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  1. Hi Mary Angela, Thank you for your response.How is your son doing now?I was just wondering what dose of augmentin did he take that was effective and also was it augmentin xr or just the regular one.My sons psychiatrist gave me a 30 day prescription of azithromycin to try ,after 17 days I did see a decline in his tics,no change in ocd then he got a cold and tics returned .His pediatrician and psychiatrist refuse to give him anything else other than Prozac which he currently takes 40 mg.I am waiting for a referral to see an infection control specialist and a neurologist but I’m not hopef
  2. Hi Lulu4, I’m glad your daughter is doing so well.I was wondering if you could give me some advice.My son also has the restrictive eating ,he lost 15 lbs in 6 weeks ,has terrible ocd and tics.I live in Canada and finding treatment here is very difficult.My sons pediatrician and psychiatrist just want to treat him with Prozac and aren’t willing to do anything else for him.The Prozac does seem to be helping but hate the thought of him being on it and possibly long term.I don’t know if I should listen to them or make a trip to the states to see Dr.Latimer.How many ivig treatments did your da
  3. I just looked it up yesterday and apparently you can’t give ibuprofen if you’re on Prozac .We see his pediatrician on Monday,June 25th so I’m going to ask her if she can start treating him with antibiotics or maybe try steroids.If not,we will have to head out of the province to get some help for him.Thanks so much .
  4. I haven’t given him any anti inflammatories.Right now he’s just on Prozac but doesn’t seem to be helping and will probably need to be increased.Its been 18 months since he got sick and no one ever mentioned anything about pans/pandas to us until I discovered it online and he has pretty much all the symptoms.He also has a genetic predisposition to pans/pandas,I have hypothyroidism and my dad had rheumatic fever.I just feel like I don’t know where to turn for help.His Dr.s are treating him for a psychiatric illness and I know in my heart it’s not the right diagnosis.I took him off the Prozac las
  5. Hi worried mama, I am also living in Canada and I am looking for someone to treat my son.I did contact a Dr. In Ontario but she had a waiting list of 1-11/2 years which is crazy and isn’t putting anyone else on the waiting list.There is also a Dr. Ayla Wilson in B.C that treats a lot of pans/pandas kids . Just wondering if you have found anyone to treat your child yet?It’s so hard to believe that so many Canadian families have to travel to the states to get treatment.
  6. Hi everyone, First of all I’d like to thank all of you who take the time to write in and share your stories,offering advice and support.I have spent countless hours on this site and it’s been so helpful.I live in Canada and unfortunately it’s very difficult to find someone that will actually treat this terrifying and heartbreaking condition.On Dec.13,2016 my 11 year old son was perfectly healthy other than some tics that he’s had for several years which were mild and didn’t bother him too much.He started eating some fish and said he thought he swallowed a bone.He wasn’t choking,seemed fin
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