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  1. Just starting down this path and despite most initial tests negative (including strep) for my 6 year old, PANS is literally the only thing that makes the last three and a half years make sense. One month ago he started with a blinking tic that escalated to eye rolling and a head jerk. At times, it would be constant, and other times wane. It diminished SIGNIFICANTLY with ibuprofen. During the same period, he has suddenly developed a long list of fears (which he's made me write down so we can shred them), but he was never afraid of anything before. Separation anxiety through the roof, won't step on a crack on the sidewalk, etc. But not all the time. Verbal tics, compulsive logorrhea - literally, there are times he CANNOT stop talking, disinhibition, shutting down, fight or flight in a heartbeat, etc. He had Flu in february, and then some sort of bacterial infection in his ear cartilage that doesn't seem to be fully resolved. Nasal congestion that lasts for weeks at a time, etc. I know we aren't alone. Any help to find a dr who understands this and can look at the big picture of our whole child, and not just put a band aid on a symptom or stop a behavior, is much appreciated. Some of the reviews of the docs listed are a little shady, so posting here for advice. We will go anywhere we have to go to get care for our child. Thanks so much in advance...
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