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  1. Yes I need to clean up his diet - I've read a lot with like artificial coloring, etc. He takes a magnesium vitamin but just Flintstone vitamin which I know is not the best so I need to look into getting him something better. Just feel like all this came out of no where and it's giving me anxiety which I know is not helping him because he'll shrug his neck or something and then look at me to see if I was watching him. I just don't know how to relax myself.
  2. Yeah that is how they described it and that they are common in childhood - didn't really seem overly concerned. However me on the other hand, has googled and read every article known to man kind because I just don't understand this stuff. How long have you dealt with this? What does your son do? I feel so alone on this. ;'(
  3. Hi, my son is 7 years old and developed motor tics - kind of like stretching his neck/kind of like shrugging shoulders (hard to put in to words). He's never had tics prior to this that I'm familiar with - if he did they weren't as obvious. He's been to his pediatrician and a pediatrician ER doctor who all did neurological exams and said he was fine. He's been doing this probably about 3 weeks now - I'm just having a hard time with this because I don't understand it. Will this go away? How long? I'm having a hard time trying to tell my own health anxiety that it's nothing sinister going on. He
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