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  1. Sorry to post this again.......but has ANYONE had to use nitrous oxide at the dentist with their kids? Has it made the tics increase?
  2. My daugter who is 6.5 years old who has had tics for almost 3 months now (PANDAS?) needs to have a cavity filled. Has anyone had to deal with this yet? Nitrous or just Novacane? I think she would FREAK out over the shot?!
  3. They did put my daughter on azithromycin (she is allergic to penicillin) for a course. Not sure if that made a difference or not. Like I said, it has been almost two months now and even though there are not 5 tics anymore - there are still 2.
  4. Hi, not only am I new to tic disorders, I've also never posted to a "forum" before! The background: My 6.5 year old daughter woke up on Mon, April 21 of this year with about 5 tics, she went to bed the night before perfectly fine. My 3.5 year old son had undiagnosed strep throat that whole previous week and started on antibiotics Sun, April 20th. We took my daughter to the pediatrician and he ran a throat culture on her and that came back negative. We then got a referral to the neuro. and we have been working with him since. Her tics seem to change weekly, sometimes just a neck tic other times just eye rolling...etc. When she first woke up with them it was so obvious something wasn't right....neck "stretching" as she calls it, eyes looking up, shoulder shrugging, hyper, odd mouth movements....etc. Now, like I said it's usually one or two at a time but can change. I've seen alot about PANDAS but her culture came back negative, so I don't know what to think of all this. I spoke with our neuro about the tics-tourettes book I ordered from here and he said he would run some blood work for allergies, I'm sure its not as in depth as an enviro physician but is this a good place to start? I'm not sure if I should get a second opinion from another neurologist? Go find an environmental physician now? Request an MRI, EEG, more blood work? I cannot just "sit and wait"....I'm literally going insane. We are in the San Diego area, does anyone know of any neuros, environmental physicians I should start with or consult with?
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