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  1. Yes about getting sick. I thought because he threw up all the bad junk up that it wasnt causing tics but i am scared this is just wishful thinking.
  2. My son is 5. He started having tics a few weeks after his 5th birthday. He is doing better but who knows if this is a waning period. He had tics for about 5 weeks then got sick and the tics are very mild. All i see left is a teeth grinding occassionally a few times a day, once or twice but mostly infront of tv. When he started it was a sudden onset of blinking, winking, facial grimmiacing and throat clearing. All those have passed after a few weeks. I am so confused. His gp and nuerologist all said its common but i wish i knew someone who went through this and went Away.
  3. My son started with tics a few months ago. He also ate alot of junk and too much screen time Now, i am doing almost the same things as you and i have seen maybe a tic here and there since he got the flu april 30th. He threw up atleast 10 times and in the back of my mind i think it has to be a leaky gut thing. Why would he tics get so much better after the flu. He also suffers from really bad allergies starting around he got the flu. How old is your son?
  4. my son just recently started with tics, the first day of the allergy season. he suffers greatly with allergies. we have no history of tics in the family. could there be a connection? he started with eye blinking and facial grimacing. then a week later throat clearing. after a few weeks the blinking subside.
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