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  1. Hej Jens,


    Normally I would agree with you, but this isn't really one of those hippie new age health forums. Electromagnetic fields do have influence on the body and may affect tics in some people. IIRC there has been at least some scientific research done on this.


    It's not like that's on the same level as those magnetic bracelets that are supposed to make you stronger or whatever by "realigining your electromagnetic field." Now that is nonsense.

  2. I've been having heart palpitations (I think? A weird flutter feeling in my chest every so often) since I started the new magnesium supplement. I'm going to lay off for a few days and see if it goes away.


    This is odd, because magnesium is used to treat heart palpitations.


    Could be something else. Could be random coincidence. I'm going to stop for a few days and see if it goes away. If it does, I will reintroduce the new magnesium and see if it comes back.

  3. I like Align.


    Some people have bad reactions to certain probiotics. I've read a lot about people taking the "Activia challenge" and experiencing gastrointestinal upset which ceases when they stop taking it. Read the reviews on Amazon for some of the different ones you're considering. Align is considered pretty good but doesn't agree with some people.


    Align is expensive, but you may be able to get a sample from your doctor.

  4. I went back to Vitamin Shoppe to get more today, but just to change things up a bit, I got some Magnesium Malate this time, and also another bottle of magnesium taurate.


    The Magnesium Malate is Nature's Life brand and the Supplement Facts box says:


    Serving Size: 1 Tablet

    Magnesium (from 1,300mg Magnesium Malate) - 200 mg - 50% RDA

    Malic Acid - 960mg


    I got the malate form because I read that malate chelates aluminum and so it helps you detox aluminum. Also, it is supposedly not very laxative (unlike other forms), and it was affordable.


    That sounds to me like there is 200mg of elemental magnesium (assuming 15% bioavailability... 15% of 1,300mg is roughly 200mg) per pill. I'm not sure how much elemental magnesium is in the Cardiovascular Research brand of mag taurate per 125mg pill.


    Magnesium orotate is supposedly one of the best and it was like $63 for a bottle. Although, I've heard magnesium orotate and promote certain types of cancers, but more research is required.


    I started with 1/2 of one of these pills to assess tolerance.


    edit - I just read here that magnesium taurate is 8.9% elemental magnesium by weight.


    So that means 1 pill of the Cardiovasular Research Ltd brand Magnesium Taurate (125mg) is 11mg of elemental magnesium. Hmm. Unless it means it's 125mg of mag and the pill is 1.4g total. I don't have a scale that sensitive.

  5. We were just recommended magnesium glycinate 250mg by a DAN for tics and for calming. We were recommended:



    I may give that form a try next.


    Let us know what effects you get from it and if there are any side effects.


    Also, the label on that site is confusing. It looks like the same ingredient is listed twice in different dosages:




    edit - Apparently I can't post images here?


    Click this:



  6. I'm gonna email the company and find out how much taurine is in each capsule.


    I hope if I stop taking it I don't have rebound anxiety.


    So far my stomach is tolerating it well. No change in digesting or bowel habits. This was a bit of a concern of mine knowing that magnesium is used as a laxative.


    edit - no I'm not. I can't seem to find their website. The bottle only lists a city and state. No phone number, no website, no mailing address. That's kinda shady right?

  7. Yesterday I took one pill at 12:15pm, 3:30pm, 8:30pm, and then 1:30am right before I went to bed.


    I ended up sleeping in until 11am today, so that's about 9 and a half hours of sleep. I'm wondering if taking it before bed caused that. It's 11:25am now and I'm still sleepy but forced myself to get up.


    Yesterday was the first day I've taken 4 pills (500mg - 120% RDA). I have no idea how much taurine was in that, though.

  8. I wanted some magnesium and since I always see this kind recommended here I figured I'd give the taurate a try.


    Cardiovascular Research brand


    Service size: 1 capsule

    Magnesium (taurate) - 125mg 30% RDA


    They had at least a dozen different types of magnesium, but this was the only taurate they had.


    What dose do you guys use?


    I actually got it because I'm dealing with tendonitis right now and I've seen magnesium recommended as part of the treatment.

  9. Guanfacine (Tenex) likely has a less severe side effect profile. Clonazepam (Klonopin) is a benzo which carries with it more serious risks should "as needed" become "fairly regularly." There is also the issue of withdrawal, although this is usually after many years at a significant dosage. I don't think "occasional use" promotes enough dependency to cause withdrawals, but don't quote me on that.


    That being said, I'm not sure how either of those medications will work with a child.


    You can find more information about them here:





    - GABA receptor antagonist.


    - It is "sometimes useful in managing tics 'since some of the premonitory sensations resemble obsessions and the tics may be viewed as "compulsive" movements, anti-OCD medications also may be helpful.'"


    - Sedation, weight gain, impaired academic performance, social anxiety with school refusal in children and a worsening of attention in children with comorbid ADHD




    - Alpha 2-adrenergic agonist

    - °62- agonist


    - a study found a significant decrease in the severity of motor and phonic tics

    - double bline study of guanfacine for tics and ADHD found a 31% decrease in tic severity compared to placebo


    -Dry mouth

    -Drowsiness (less than Clonidine)



    But like you said, Guanfacine is kind of an every day thing, and Clonazepam can be used as needed. Clonazepam is the only benzo that is used to treat tics from what I've heard (meaning Lorazepam (Ativan), Diazepam (Valium), etc. are not used to treat tics).


    I'm sure the users here can give you other things to try "as needed" for tic increases. Vitamin B, magnesium taurate, Epsom salt baths, etc.


    Fortunately, it seems his tics have lessened. Is he still on the Clonazepam?

  10. I keep reading about high doses (12-18g per day. Yes, grams) being used to treat OCD.


    This is supposedly due to some effect on serotonin.


    Has anyone noticed a changed in tics from Inositol?


    Or libido? I know SSRIs can kill libido so I'm worried about the serotonin effect. That being said, I've also heard about people using Inositol to treat PSSD (post SSRI sexual dysfunction).



  11. I think they were talking about Clonazepam and I believe they said the Mylan brand was weak and required a higher dosage to get the same effect. A few other people chimed in and said they also specifically didn't like the Mylan brand.


    But that doesn't mean that Mylan versions of other drugs will be the same, but it supports the idea that different brands of the same drug may have different effects.

  12. Progesterone is a steroid, right?


    I've heard it mentioned on this forum that steroids can exacerbate tics. I believe Chemar said her husband experienced an increase in tics after being given corticosteroids.


    I'm not sure if that is the cause but it sounds like there's a chance it may be. You may wish to discontinue use and see if the tic subsides. I also saw a story on TV about a guy who had Tourettes and was given some experimental procedure where they place some electrodes in his brain to treat his Tourettes, which while not 100% effective still greatly reduced his tics. This guy had very bad tics before the procedure, and talked about how he would wear a neck brace to prevent a head jerking tic where he would jerk his chin downward into his chest.

  13. When I first started using Clonidine I got Mylan brand from Walmart. I had the following side effects:


    - drowsiness

    - eye pain

    - dizziness when I stand up

    - reduced libido


    I figured it was just my body adapting so I kept up with it. Eventually the drowsiness lessened a bit and the eye pain went away, but the dizziness and reduced libido continued.


    Eventually I was contacted by a company called Medco (mail order prescription drugs), who told me they could give me 90 pills for $5. As that was less than I was paying, I said sure, let's do it.


    Medco sent me Actavis brand pills. They were a different size, slightly different shape, and different color. I began taking those when my ones from Walmart ran out.


    I thought the ones from Medco worked better, but I kept telling myself it was in my head. I thought chemically they are the same, there is no way there could be a difference.


    After two years my insurance changed and I was no longer able to get my pills from Medco. I renewed my prescription at Walmart and was again given Mylan pills.


    The first day I used them, I again had eye pain, drowsiness, and a loss of libido, the same side effects that I had gotten from Mylan brand Clonidine the first time I used it a year or so prior, even though I was on the same dosage as I had been on with the Actavis pills.


    I decided that it was not, in fact, in my head. I called Medco to ask if they would sell me the Actavis brand pills direct even though my insurance wouldn't go through them. They said no. I explained my situation and why I wanted the Actavis brand pills and the guy at Medco said "you're not the first person I've heard that from."




    He transferred me to a pharmacist who gave me the national drug code for Actavis brand pills and told me to have my doctor write a prescription specifying this drug code and I could get them. But then my doctor told me that I need to first find a pharmacy that carries Actavis brand pills. I called around and Target was the only place I found that carries Actavis. Target switched my prescription and refilled it for me that same day and I went and got my Actavis Clonidine.


    Another pharmacist told me that sometimes different brands have different effects because the filler material might be different, or it might dissolve at different rates so you get a bigger or smaller dosage all at once, etc.


    I also spent some time online researching this and I found another forum where the members were pretty much unanimous in saying that they thought Mylan brand drugs were the worst. That forum wasn't for tics/Tourettes so it was a different type of drug being discussed, but no one liked Mylan, and one person said he will call around to different pharmacies before getting his prescription filled just to make sure they don't use Mylan brand drugs.


    I'm posting this here because I think it may be relevant to some of you.


    Cliffs Notes:

    - Mylan brand Clonidine helps my tics but gives me very noticeable side effects

    - Actavis brand Clonidine has the same benefit but significantly reduced side effects

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