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  1. hello Guy


    as mentioned before my son has Crohn's and has kept it under control without flare ups for over 2 years now with the following supps:

    NOW Foods Boswellin with curcumin (extract from turmeric) and White Willow Bark as anti-inflamm and Slippery Elm to provide protective coating to the GIT. Also DGL-liquorice root chewable lozenges (must be DGL not plain) to promote healing of the ulcerated areas and fistula.


    He drinks a lot of green tea with local honey as well


    In addition he has a daily multivitamin/mineral shake by Jarrow called Multi Easy and extra Jarrow methylB12, as well as flaxseed oil


    For his tics/OCD he also takes his Natural Calm ionic magnesium, P-5-P form of vitB6, vit D3 and Inositol


    We got a lot of help re diet from a book called The Maker's Diet by Jordan Rubin, himself recovered from severe Crohn's. we didnt follow the diet to the letter but rather used it as a guideline


    My son has learned by trial and error which foods are ok and which not re the autoimmune aspect of Crohn's. He no longer has any probiotics, yoghurt, kefir etc as it seemed to cause crohn's flareups and has obviously also cut out all things that promote inflammation (omega 6) as well as all immune "boosters"


    hope that helps for you and yes... steroids can cause a major flare up in tics!


    Thanks for the info. I'll probably ask you more questions in the future.


    Interesting that you mentioned that probiotics and stuff caused flareups... that's been happening to me, too.


    Boswalia is an anti-inflammatory, right?

  2. I take Klonopin once in a while when my tics (vocal) are bad and am meeting friends and want to control it a bit. Because I take it so infrequently, with one tablet, I can feel the effect right away - it slows my mind that's usually rushing. It does not affect my interaction with friends. But it only lasts about 2 - 2.5 hours for me and the effect wears out. Just wanted to share how I use it.


    Only 2-2.5 hours? The halflife of Klonopin is like 35 hours!

  3. Guy,


    I just Googled "klonopin side effects" and the first hit I got suggests its ability to "induce Tourette's syndrome."


    I must be blind because I can't find that. If that's true, that's scary.


    I looked at your link and couldn't believe how many of them quit it cold turkey. I think there was only one who tapered.


    Are you taking it? Or is this part of your data base?


    I have a few pills. I have Ativan (I rarely take it as I'm afraid of benzos) but I have a few Klonopins because I had seen them indicated for tics on multiple sites and asked my neurologist about trying them so he wrote me a script for 14 or something. I've never taken more than 1/2 pill at a time, tho, and I take them less than once a month.


    I've never heard of benzos causing tics, TD, or Tourettes before. Does anyone have anymore information about this? Is it only Klonopin or can all the benzos do it?

  4. Also, Chinese medicine has some amazing herbs which have been known to completely stop the symptoms of Crohn's in a matter of months... whereas Western medicine can take years or never stop the symptoms at all. This I know via the fact that I have been studying Chinese herbs for several years now. Just wanted to let you know that there is hope out there and other options available. Western medicine has its limitations!


    Best of luck to you!


    Which herbs are you referring to?



  5. Again my dr is saying I might have Crohn's and wants to start me on a trial of Entocort (Entecort? might be spelled wrong).


    I've heard tics + steroids = massive exacerbation of tics so I really don't want to go that route.


    There's also Pentasa (not a steroid) but I hear that can exacerbate tics, too.


    Short of moving to CA and getting medicinal marijuana (which I am strongly considering doing and marijuana greatly helps tics AND Crohn's), what treatments are there for Crohn's?

  6. Guy

    you symptoms sound very much like what my son used to have


    he is dx with Crohn's (confirmed by colonoscopy)


    he has managed to keep it in remission by careful diet and specific supplements


    from what I know, the skin test seldom reveals GIT tuberculin infection



    let me know if you would like any of the info on how my son is keeping the Crohn's under control


    I'm really hoping I don't have Crohn's as that wouldn't jive with the kind of life I want to have. After my colonoscopy the doctor said he didn't see any evidence of Crohns.


    But if I do, I think it's time to move to California and get a medical marijuana card, since marijuana seems to help Crohn's more than most of the prescription drugs.


    Did your son ever run a fever or have bloody stools? I have neither of those.

  7. guy,

    I sure hope not. because I had that test too when I was pregnant with my son (who has tics). I always worried about that in hindsight. I had done a little research a little ways back but didn't really come to anything conclusive of it being harmful. I may have discussed this somewhere on the board a while back. Let me know if you find out anything. Why did you have that done? I had to because I was gonna work in a hospital and it was apparently mandatory. I questioned it simply because i was about 3 months pregnant at the time, and my ob said it would be okay, and this doctor who worked in the human resources dept of the hospital was adamant that I had to have it or I couldn't work there, and she was like 101 years old, I swear. of course at the time, I had no other children so I knew nothing about all the stuff I know now, but now that I look back, I get nervous of having had this test. my instinct tells me it probably had nothing to do with it, but ya never know.




    I did find a post on another forum stating there is no mercury in it. However it was just someone asking about it and someone else saying "there's no mercury in it." So I don't know how accurate it is. It does appear to have Phenol in it which is also super toxic.


    I had it done as part of a series of tests I've had over the last 6 months because I've been having gastrointestinal issues ever since October and so far 5 doctors cannot figure out what's wrong with me. The immunologist I went to yesterday said it could be TB (even tho I've been vaccinated???) and sometimes it manifests in the intestines. I was like oooookay then.


    Just in case anyone here has any ideas, I'll post my symptoms and tests.



    - Nausea

    - Mild to moderate lower right quadrant abdominal pain (moves from navel area to right hip bone area to lower right groin area, but never in more than one of those places at a time)

    - loose bowel movements (made worse by even light exercise)

    - gas and bloating


    The symptoms seem to come and go. They'll almost fade away for a week or so and then come back randomly.


    I've been keeping detailed logs of everything I eat and my BMs ever since October and there is no correlation between food and getting sick



    - CT scan - showed "mild bowel thickening in the terminal illeum"

    - Colonoscopy - showed "evidence of granuloma" (which is "suggestive" but not "indicative" of Crohn's Disease)

    - Upper endoscopy - nothing

    - Small Bowel Follow Through (Barium Xray) - nothing

    - Blood test for genetic markers of Crohn's and UC - negative (although my doctor told me this has false positives and negatives all the time and isn't diagnostic)

    - Numerous hernia exams (all negative)

    - Two urine tests for kidney stones (all negative)

    - Stool tests for C. Diff, Giardia, Blood (all negative)

    - Thyroid normal

    - CBC normal


    I'm waiting on insurance approval for a small capsule endoscopy (camera pill to look at my small intestine)


    It's worth noting that I have not had a fever at all through any of this.


    I did a 20 day course of Xifaxan (antibiotic active only in the intestines) which didn't help.


    It's also worth mentioning that I've tried a few different probiotics (Danactive and Kefir) at the suggestion of my doctor, and each time, by the 3rd day my symptoms were much worse.


    Does anyone know any diseases that are exacerbated by probiotics?


    Things that it's not:

    - Cancer (at least that's what they said from looking at my CT scan)

    - Celiac

    - Lactose Intolerance


    So my GI doc keeps saying that it kind of looks like Crohn's but not really, and all the tests have either been negative or inconclusive.


    I decided to go to an immunologist to see if he had another perspective. So he gave me the TB test and some blood tests for a bunch of stuff I've never heard of. I know there are some parasites that can mimic Crohn's, so he's giving me a parasite stool test as well (which I hear give a lot of false negatives anyway).


    Seriously tho, I've felt like crap since about October. I used to be a competitive weightlifter weighing around 175lbs, now I'm between 140 and 145.


    As much as Crohn's Disease sucks and can ruin your life from the people I've talked to online who have it, I REALLY hope I don't have it because the first line of treatment is corticosteroids and I can't use those because of my tic. Fortunately, my doctor's aren't convinced I have Crohn's yet.

  8. I got a test today at the immunologist for TB. It was an injection that makes a little bump in your arm and in 48 hours they're going to evaluate it.


    I didn't even think until after they ha given it to me that it might have thimerisol in it. I was unable to find evidence one way or another online.


    Does anyone here know? It's not the TB vaccine... it's the skin test to see if you have TB.



  9. i know some people love CS but the only kind I've ever tried has been Sovereign Silver and I don't think it did anything for me. I've used it for multiple sicknesses (colds, sore throats, etc.) and never saw any difference vs. when I didn't use it.


    I've put it on wounds and didn't notice any quicker healing vs. when I didn't use it.


    I even put some in plant water once since I heard that CS added to a vase will keep a plant alive for longer. Nope! But it grew some nasty looking crap along the plant stem (could have been unrelated to the CS).


    I think if I ever try CS again, I will not be using Sovereign Silver brand.

  10. It was a spammer myrose


    I have deleted the post and asked the webmaster to block them


    All I see is AHB900 asking if there will be a cure (I assume he's talking about TS/tics).


    AHB900, stay positive, man. I know it can be hard sometimes. Medical science is advancing faster every day. As we learn more about the brain and neurology there may very well come about new TS treatments that are superior to what is out there now. It may not be "cured," but there may be medications developed that relieve symptoms 100% with no side effects as long as you keep taking them. I'd be happy with that. It probably won't happen next year, but maybe 20 years from now. Maybe stem cells will be used to "reprogram" the basal ganglia. Who knows. It sure would be nice to get a shot and have it fix everything that is wrong with you, though, huh :lol:

  11. It's not "all in your mind."


    Tics are generally caused by errors in the brain. But it's not something you can will yourself to stop doing, or even consciously control. And it's nothing you did wrong or anything.


    OCD is related to tics and tourettes. They're in the same spectrum of disorders.


    Are you musically inclined? I've met a lot of phenomenal musicians who were OCD.

  12. Swine flu symptoms are typically mild and clear up on their own without medical attention or antivirals.


    However, sometimes a virus will make two appearances... the first time it is relatively mild (like swine flu now), and then it comes back a year later, mutated, and kills everyone (ok, only 50% of the people).


    Hopefully swine flu will mutate into something weaker.


    Not sure if this has been mentioned but it's not *technically* swine flu. What everyone is calling "swine flu" is actually a mix of human flu, swine flu, and avian (bird) flu.

  13. I have a blinking tic and was first sent to an eye doctor who determined that I had acne rosacea (possible spelled wrong) in my eyes. She said that's what was causing my eye blinking (tic). She gave me two medications (eye drops, forgot what they were called, they were designed to clear it up) which I used for a year to no avail (may have cleared up the rosacea, who knows).


    10 years later I went BACK to an eye doctor to rule out eye conditions again, including blepharospasm, and then my neurologist confirmed it was a tic.


    Just a similar experience.

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