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  1. Is there anything in pistachios that could increase tics? I bought some tonight (because they're delicious) and I ate a bunch of them a few hours ago and ever since my tic has been worse than usual. Come to think of it, I haven't had them since I started taking Clonidine so I wouldn't have noticed any exacerbation before since before I started taking Clonidine, every day was a bad tic day.


    Anyone else had this same experience? So far I've only noticed a couple of things that I can eat that exacerbate my tic. I hope pistachios aren't on this list because they're awesome.

  2. Hi all,


    My son's vocal came back recently and the only new thing i gave him was a tsp of apple cider vinegar w/raw honey for better digestion and immunity. After the 6th dose spreaded out over the course of 3 weeks, he started a vocal tic.


    I had post about ACV & vocal tic on the forum but no one seem to have this experience.


    After my son was treated for ACV via NAET his vocal tic is gone! I would never thought something like ACV can effect him but it did! ACV has traced minerals, bacterias and enzymes, so now i am zero in on these items for testing on our next office visit.




    Did the vocal tic begin to go away after you discontinued the ACV?


    What is NAET?

  3. On a whim I bought a pomegranate, ate a ton of the seeds one day (delicious, put them in a bowl in the fridge and then eat them with a spoon... yeah!) anyway I noticed my blinking tic was less intense than usual. Now when this happens I always ask myself "did I do anything different recently?" Same thing that I ask myself when I notice an increase or exacerbation. Anyway, the only thing that was different was a I ate a bunch of pomegranate seeds.


    I took a day off and then tried again, same result.


    It was probably just a coincidence (as I do randomly have good days and bad days even when no external factors/diet/sleep/etc changes), but does anyone know if there is anything beneficial in pomegranates? Magnesium or Vitamin B or any of the supps that people have claimed help tics? Or maybe something that binds with something bad?


    I just bought another one the other day. I'm going to try this delicious experiment again.


    If you prepare pomegranates, wear old clothes. The seeds stain like crazy.

  4. I'm just wondering how many milligrams each pill is?? (I'm pretty sure that Clonidine pills are sold in different sizes in Canada than they are in the USA. Each pill in Canada is only .025mg) I'm curious because my son just recently started taking Clonidine .05mg in the am and .05mg in the pm. He hasn't been diagnosed with Tourette's at this time but has been diagnosed with Sydenham's Chorea / possible PANDAS. When he first started taking the Clonidine he had a severe increase in movements and insomnia. Now......about 2 weeks later things seemed to have settled down a little. What were things like for your son when he first started with Clonidine?


    In USA the smallest pill form is 0.1mg, (which is why I have to break mine into 1/4s). I wish we had a 0.025mg pill here! The pills are scored across the middle so they're easy to break in half, but then I have to break the halves in half again and sometimes they don't break evenly and I end up having to toss the pill. Fortunately, it's between $4-10 for 30 pills so it's not too expensive so I don't care if I have to throw away some of them that don't break right.

  5. Oh please, if I wanted to brag about having sex there are other forums on the internet that would be way more appropriate.


    I suspect the reason tics sometimes go away when you're focused on something is because of neurotransmitter activity.


    Hey JensFromSweden, on a totally unrelated note, I just went to a Stratovarius concert last week. Their keyboardist is named Jens and he's from Sweden. Jens Johannson. He's awesome. Your username reminded me of that :P

  6. Yes I did order and finally receive it. I tried it once with my daughter (supposed to have done it 3 times a day) but didn't want to do it again until I checked to see if it would interact with her topamax.

    I then tried it again just one time and again 0 results and being that I used it Sunday night to help her I am now wondering if it was one of the ingredients in it that started this new and strange vocal.

    Wish I could say for sure but I am thinking you are aware of the whole puzzle to this thing.


    I will say that I always try everything before giving to my daughter so of course I tried it. I have been planning a trip since last week and the plane leaves tomorrow. I do not do well as far as planes and the thought of the whole thing has had me paniced and full of anxiety over the past few days and especially so today.

    So I will say that its helped me in calming my system down and actually being able to swallow food.


    I am too scared to give it to my daughter again so I too am waiting reports from other Moms in regards to their reuslts of this.


    Sorry I did not have more or better news to share.....


    Please also let me know if you try and your results as well. For now I am just going to use it until after I get back safely. Wish it were stronger in my case!


    Sorry to bump this old thread. I thought your daughter was tic free on the Topamax? How is that going?

  7. I have been reading this forum for awhile and never posted.

    Guy123, I have seen some of your other "R-rated" posts.

    Dude, seriously, I know you are trying to seek help for your tics, and trying to help others, but, man, too much information.

    You know, most of the members on here are women, you are not talking to a bunch of your buddies in the locker room. I am pretty sure they don't really need to hear about your "activities."

    All due respect,man,but, let's all be adults here, just adults with a bit of class.

    You could easily get your point across without all the personal details .


    Are you serious?


    First of all, it would've been impossible to convey that story without mentioning that I was having sex and specifically that I didn't orgasm, both of which were unique variables and therefore absolutely relevant to the discussion here. How was that too much information? I'm pretty sure all the "women on this forum" know what sex is, I'm pretty sure they know what masturbation is, and I'm pretty sure they know what an orgasm is, too. It's not like it was X-rated, nor was it detailed. In fact, I think I gave about the least amount of details possible for the story to still make sense; hardly a "locker room discussion." It's not like I mentioned positions, who was wearing what, who was screaming, what they were saying, where we were, or anything that would begin to put the story into "locker room talk" territory.


    This is (essentially) a medical discussion forum. Haven't you ever talked about sex with your doctor? I have. I told my doctor that the clonidine was making it difficult to maintain an erection so I reduced the dose. And I've mentioned that on this forum before, too. Do you know why? Because it's relevant to the discussion here when someone asks about Clonidine side effects. Seriously. Do you just giggle and blush when your doctor asks you a sexual question?


    My number one priority is eliminating my tic, and the solution will likely involve neurotransmitter modulation. Guess what happens during sexual intercourse? Neurotransmitter activity!! Therefore, discussion of what happens in the brain during sex is appropriate and relevant to the discussion on this forum.


    Sorry if that offends you. But I did put an R-Rating warning on the thread so if you are offended by talking about orgasms you didn't have to click in the thread.

  8. ......well don't single people have all the fun??? :unsure: (yea, read that in sarcastic tone, :P ).


    guy, I think there is probably something there re the seratonin, endorphins, etc. that have to do with pleasure and feel good nuetrotransmitters and all that type stuff. probably along the same lines as excersize releasing endorphins and that being good for depression. I'm sure if you googled some keywords, there probably is something to what you say. Dr. Brothers and Dr. Ruth may have that all sewn up tho, so don't know if you've discovered anything new, lol.


    wish I could be of more help, but with all I got to deal with around here, my house is pretty "G" rated these days, lol...... :blink:


    (cliff notes, R-rated Saturday mornings,..............you're startin' to get on my nerves now, guy! :D







    Well, I know there are a lot of neurotransmitters involved in sex as well as in exercise, but exercising never causes a reduction in tics.


    Sex increases dopamine. Cocaine also increases dopamine, but cocaine causes an exacerbation in tics. Dopamine blockers typically cause a decrease in tics but also have a host of horrible side effects.


    I am interested in the specific changes that occur during sex and I don't believe its ever been studied before on someone with TS or tics.

  9. it's been mentioned here before that tics essentially go away for most people most of the time during sex.


    Alright. This story deals with adult themes so let's be grown ups here.


    On Friday night I spent the night at my gf's apartment. On Saturday morning we were having sex and after a while her mother buzzed her apartment. Now, her mom was supposed to come over that day but she was like 30 minutes early so we weren't expecting her yet. lol. Anyway, we had to stop before either of us could "finish."


    Fast forward to later in the day: I noticed that my eye blinking tic was practically non-existent. Let me break it down for you. One a 1-10 scale where 1 is "normal (no tics)" and 10 is "nearly constant ticcing," before I ever started on Clonidine every day was an 8. I never waxed. I never waned. Every day was always an 8 all the time for the entire day. After starting Clonidine, days range from between 4 and 8. But on Saturday, I noticed it was like a 2. I was definitely enjoying it.


    After a while, I started to wonder if something was going on chemically in my brain related to the sex that morning. I know my tic vanishes during sex (or masturbation), so I wonder if whatever process is responsible for that never got "shut off," so to speak. But there have been times in the past when I "didn't finish" having sex and it never had this result, so maybe it was just a little fluke or something.


    Anyway, I noticed that this persisted through Tuesday evening. It was WONDERFUL. Literally, my tic was almost completely gone for the entire days. For a few minutes here and there I would get the urge to blink hard a couple times but overall it was gone and I wasn't even thinking about it since the sensation wasn't there to begin with.


    Anyway, Tuesday evening I ended up masturbating (sorry, I've got urges and my gf is out of town) and that seems to have "reset" whatever was going on in my brain. Today (Wednesday) the tic was back to normal.



    I just wanted to share my experience here. In 11 years of having a chronic tic, I've never experienced such a great relief in symptoms as I did for those 4 days. I've always hypothesized that if they could isolate what is going on in the brain during sex that stops the tics, that it could be recreated in pill form to calm the tics even when you're not actually having sex (assuming this could be done without exhausting the nervous system or whatever). I wish I had the resources to pursue this further*.


    The only other thing is that a few days prior to that (like last Wednesday or Thursday) I took a B complex and also 1/2 of a B-12 (methyl-) tablet that had like 8,000% of the RDA in it. But I've done that before and never experienced a great relief.


    So my working hypothesis is that some of the sex chemicals that temporarily eliminate tics stayed in circulation during my brain for those 4 days and it's probably related to the fact that I never orgasmed during the session since we were interrupted. But again, that's happened before and my tics didn't go away, so... I guess maybe I'll have to experiment. lol.







    * Hook people up to MRIs, PET scans, etc. Observe normal brain activity and neurotransmitter activity. Then get the person sexually excited (might be a little odd to do this in a lab but hey, it's for science). Observe the reduction in tics. Observe the change in brain and neurotransmitter activity. The natural hypothesis is that said change in brain activity is responsible for reduction in tics. Attempt to artificially recreate said changes in brain chemistry through the use of drugs rather than actually making the person have sex. If tics are reduced, success.


    btw if anyone here has the resources to do this and it ends up working, PM me because I want the procedure named after me if it's successful :lol:

  10. Can someone post a pic of their mouthpiece. I'm curious.


    Also, I watched the vid of the guy with tics biting on the sticks... can this be simulated in home with a stack of popsicle sticks or something?


    It'd be interesting if it could work at home because it seems that many people with TS report that the tics disappear in the doctor's office anyway... so how would you know if he put a stack of sticks in your mouth if it's going away because of the sticks or because it would be lessened anyway?

  11. 1. guy123--YES, IT IS HARD TO BELIEVE THE FIRST TIME YOU HEAR IT, I KNOW, BUT IT IS TRUE! A MOUTHPIECE CAN ACTUALLY STOP TICS AND OTHER SYMPTOMS OF TOURETTE'S! SORRY TO SCREAM BUT THIS IS AN AMAZING BREAKTHROUGH, AND ANY CLIFF NOTES VERSION NEEDS TO BE A SCREAM! At least for some, it is clear now, their Tourette's is related to trigeminal nerve being irritated by improper jaw alignment. The mouthpiece can decrease or stop this irritation. It seems almost like a variation of TMJ, and I will note that light sensitivity is one common symptom of both conditions. A few of us have gotten them for our children, or, in my case, for myself.


    Thanks for summing up the first 17 pages for me :) Wow, that's quite an interesting bit of research. I have TMJ and I always hear popping in my ears when I swallow. I thought it was normal. lol.


    Most of my research up until this thread has suggested that tics are due to dopamine/neurotransmitter imbalances and/or basal ganglia abnormalities. Has there been any discussion on how the trigeminal nerve plays a role in these?



  12. 2-2.5 hours is the amount of time I feel the effect (my brain is slower, though it does not interfere with work or spending time with friends). After that, i start my vocal tics again. The doctor who prescribed it to me had initially mentioned that the effect will last about 7 hours but then when i told him it's much less than that (initially it worked for about 4 hours), then he nodded as if to say, "yes, possible."


    I wonder if my vocal tic is THAT BAD.. :wacko:


    Could just be your metabolism or individual body chemistry.


    People have different reactions to drugs. I know someone for whom pain killers didn't work... I mean like hardcore prescription ones. Last time I talked to him, these scientists wanted to study him to find out why they weren't working.

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