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  1. Hi Cary, which functional neurologist do you see?
  2. Hi Sheila, Thanks for responding. We will be seeing Dr. Teich this week so will let you know how it goes. Insurance doesn’t really cover so will be paying roughly 800 for the first visit and 350 for subsequent visits. It’s expensive but he seems to be one of the more experienced ones near me. Thank you for letting me know Dr. Kyle Meyers is a naturopath, he mentioned all of the various tests I’d read were helpful on this forum and also suggested the life extension powder. After trying out the powder, I notice it definitely has helped more than the Calm drink. I only gave about 250 mg beca
  3. Hi Sheila and JC mom, As I search for a good environmental physician (have two in mind), I spoke to one over the phone today and he suggested using the Lifeextension powder you'd initially used. He told me to use 500 mg (total) for my 5 year old daughter. Since I already have been giving the Calm drink (175 mg), he said to just add 325 of the Lifeextension one since it contains the magnesium that is best absorbed (or just switch to fully using Lifeextension for the 500mg). I haven't tried it (just ordered today), but will let you know how it goes. Is 500mg too much though? I did read some
  4. Okay thank you! Yes, if you could provide her details that would be great. Did she do a urine/stool/chemical test?
  5. Hi Bernerchiro, Which nutritionist did you see in Boston? Did you bring your son or did you go on your own? Did the nutritionist do any testing? Or did you bring your own-what did you have tested? Can you let me know what supplements were prescribed by Thea? I am experiencing similar symptoms with my 5 year old. Thanks!
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