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  1. Hi. My daughter is not well. They want to increase dose of lorazepam from 7.5 to 15mg for Catatonia. They dont have any idee what is happening with my daughter. Anti-NMDA is normal, MRI-normal, EEG-normal, all test are normal. My daughter started regression after vaccins DTaP+HPV. I want my daughter back.
  2. Hi, Thanks for message. I asked about PANDAS, and my doctors said, she doesn't have symptoms PANDAS, she doesn't have fever, tics,. Her symptoms are catatonia. They dont understand what is the cause exactly. Maybe vaccine cause permanent brain damage?
  3. Thanks. Monday I will ask them for all name test. Doctor did a spinal test to determinate infections and immunity. Test anti-NMDA like Susannah Cahalan is negative, normal. It is very hard really. I am in hospital in this moment, now is two weeks, they can not put a diagnosis. Only she has lorazepam for catatonia, 9 mg per day.
  4. Hello to all. My daughter 14 yo after vaccination DTaP and HPV, after it she changed a lot. Doctors dont want recognize brain injury after vaccine.The worst symptoms started 4 weeks ago, trouble with speaking, attention, walking, catatonia, mutism, all function regression. Now we are in hospital, 10 days we was in neurological section, she did all test(MRI, blood test, ECG, spinal test)-all test are negative and look normal, we wait immunity test for infection in this moment. because our test look normal, they transfer us to mental section, I dont agree with their decision. Now she is on ativan-lorazepam-9mg/day, it helps, but no so well. also she had 1/kg of IVIG. I would like to know if it is auto-immune disorder? Can she has it if all test are normal? What test she need to do? Thanks
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