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  1. Hi- I just recently read about PANDAS in the fall and thought this may be the reason for my son's tics, anxiety, anger issues, etc. I just wanted to share his story and see if you had any suggestions before I meet with his Pediatrician on Friday and go from there. My son has no official diagnosis for my son but after learning about PANDAS online, I am almost certain that has been what has been going on with him for years (started in first grade, currently in sixth). He has struggled with strep throat since he was 18 months old. He had multiple cases each year but it was always one case
  2. Hi- I'm new here and looking for a doctor that is close to Virginia Beach, VA. My son does not yet have a diagnosis, but I am almost certain that PANDAS is what has been going on with him for the past six years after reading about it. I suspected this earlier in the year, but now, low and behold after his three siblings contracted strep throat (a week apart from each other so it's literally been in the house for almost a month), he's having crazy flare ups of his tics, anger, anxiety, and even his math grades have started to drop. Any insight to a doctor would be great. I have an appointm
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