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  1. I’m thinking the doctor may change up the meds since strep broke thru but I will have to ask. We have an appt Friday am as behavior has gotten worse this week.
  2. My 8.5 son diagnosed a year ago with pandas and is in azithromycin and Zoloft and doing pretty well. He got hives last week and while better are not all gone and there isn’t anything new and we can’t figure an allergic reaction. Can hives be a symptom of strep? He has no other symptoms but has been more distracted in school than normal. Also any tips on getting throat swab if we go as he will fight us and refuse to open his mouth? Any other ways?
  3. My son 8.5 diagnosed almost a year ago when he went off a cliff was diagnosed with pandas due to high strep titers. Have been on azithromycin and Zoloft and doing much better. Had severe headaches when all started and several months later able to get rid of those but now back for past 2 months. They start every night between 5:30-7 and vary in intensity. Ibuprofen and aleve don’t really touch them. Any thoughts on why? Anyone else have these? Could it be the medicine.
  4. My son was diagnosed in Jan with pandas. We are on Zoloft and Azithromycin. We have seen improvement and part of his thing has been the awful rages which have gotten shorter and less often. Right now what we are having biggest issue with is him being disrespectful to us....saying rude things and arguing constantly. We are disciplining this and making him earn electronic time for god behavior etc but how can you tell it’s somethjng he can control vs pandas. Some I know he can’t but ideas on how you can tell and get this piece back on track?
  5. Thanks for the info. Yes he has had bad headaches since before Zoloft and was a main symptom that led us to pandas before his ocd Came on quickly etc
  6. My ds was diagnosed with pandas 3 months ago. We are on Zoloft 50mg and 250 mg azithrmycin, culterelle probiotic. Each evening and especially around bed he gets awful headaches which is also when he can be irritable etc and has very hard time settling down to go to sleep. He will take 2ibuprifen which helps some but not much and refuses to take melatonin. Any suggestions to help lessen headaches and inflammation at night since he’s stubborn and won’t take other things we suggest? Also does anyone know if melatonin is tasteless if I break a capsule and mix in a drink?
  7. My 7.5 year old who was diagnosed 2 months ago is refusing to bathe as he thinks soap feels sticky. We have tried multiple types and can get him to bathe maybe once a week. It’s driving my husband nuts. Anyone else kiddo with pandas/pans have this and have ideas to get thru it and bathe more often and more easily?
  8. It does thanks for the replies now I just have to get him to take more pills lol
  9. My 7.5 year ds was on a course of steroids when first diagnosed which worked wonders and helped take the rage and aggression away. Since he’s gone off we have more rages etc. I have heard others saying they used ibuprofen or alleve for inflammation which I know he still has as he has bad headaches quite a bit at night still. If you used either regularly how long did you use it, and how much how often? Thanks
  10. Thanks. My son is 7.5. Before he got the acute onset ocd and depression from pandas he wasn’t always the easiest but did time out and wasn’t aggressive and irritable like he is now. We have always been consistent but now it’s a battle on everything if we allow it and it’s a rage that goes on and on where then he thinks Dad is hurting him when just trying to keep him contained so doesn’t hurt anyone. May try the book thanks
  11. How do you all discipline when you know it’s not pandas behavior like being disrespectful or blatant not listening etc? My ds has extreme irritability and rages with pandas so when it’s a non pandas behavior and we discipline him it sets off a rage. After the rage he accepts the discipline but I’m trying to figure out how to balance the two....keep discipline in the house for non pandas behaviors and try to avoid rages too. Thanks
  12. I have read goof things on the Gut Pro probiotics. Does anyone know if you can mix it in water and if it’s tasteless? I can’t get my son to swallow anymore pills and he won’t swallow any capsule due to it being plastic (recent obsession) so need something to mix in water easily
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