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  1. Thank you. I appreciate the feedback. I'm just at such a loss as to what is going on with my child.
  2. Background: My 9 y/o son has not been diagnosed with PANDAS as of yet but I've had many people tell us that this could be his issue. He has be diagnosed with first anxiety, then intermittent explosive disorder, and then oppositional defiance disorder... the diagnoses just keep piling up with no end in sight. All from a sweet, well mannered, loving, introverted kid. He doesn't seem to have any tics and his ocd tendencies are so small that I'm not sure if I'm just seeing things. When I research this it seems that most people describe PANDAS as a person with either OCD or tics and also the issues my son has. I feel like I'm grasping at straws and I don't want to go down the wrong path if I need to spend my time researching and better understanding his known conditions. Also, I do have a pediatrician appointment coming up in a couple weeks in which I will ask for blood work and I have an appointment schedule with Dr. O'Conner in Charlotte in April. I'm being proactive about it but I'm just wondering if there are any other kids who symptoms are similar to my sons and they also didn't present with tics or OCD initially. Thanks in advance.
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